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A few decades ago the cellphone was regarded as a luxury item. The growing use of mobile phones in the everyday life of humans has been an essential factor in the development of what are known as iPhones. They are among the most sought-after gadgets by people.

The latest iPhone is a handset that comes with a fully-fledged operating system (Windows Mobile, Android, Apple iOS, etc. ) and typically has numerous options. It is distinguished by its ease of use and quick access to mobile Internet in the form comprising 3G/4G as well as 5G. The modern-day consumer, who is constantly observing the latest developments is buying mobile phones approximately every two years since the technological capabilities of the modern rivals are continually evolving. However, do they know all the features available on the iPhone? Does everyone take advantage of the functions available? Check out the following list of 5 incredible things that you didn’t think the capabilities of your iPhone could do.

iPhone as a Fax Machine

Around 10-20 years ago there were fax machines in nearly every office. However, today, the purchase of a heavy and quite expensive fax machine is not considered to be appropriate. There are alternative, more contemporary, and efficient methods of faxing. One option is to utilize an application for fax on the iPhone which comes with many different functions that allow you to quickly transfer or receive crucial documents. If you turn your iPhone into a machine for faxing you’ll be amazed by the intuitive interface, the accessibility of various formats, the possibility to send faxes using the iPhone while in the background, and many more.

The cost of application for fax in the App Store is typically reasonable. There are also free applications, however, they lack features compared to paid programs. Faxing is simple. All you need to do is add the recipient’s number for fax and hit”Send” or the “Send” button. Because of the strong encryption, documents sent are secure and thus there is no chance of losing your data.

iPhone as a Scanner

You can turn your iPhone into a scanner. There are hundreds of no-cost scanning applications available today (Adobe Scan, Microsoft Office Lens, etc. ) So it shouldn’t be difficult to pick one. Because of an app, it is possible to have a high-quality scanner. The scanner you choose to use is simple to use, has excellent image clarity, and features outstanding capability for OCR. Be aware that you can not only scan but also convert forms, documents, and business cards to high-quality Adobe PDF documents.

Modern document scanning apps available on the App Store are incredibly AI-powered. It adjusts the image’s perspective and also sharpens handwritten or typed text by removing unwanted elements like shadows. When you’ve scanned the document, you can transfer the document you have scanned to the appropriate location using just one click.

iPhone as a Notebook

Every day brings a wealth of new information to the lives of modern-day people. Finding and keeping important information isn’t easy. In this situation, apps to create notes and record on smartphones could assist. Software for adding and managing notepads to iOS as well as Android systems can help you avoid missing important details. Some examples of such applications include SomNote, Notebook, OneNote, and others. These programs have a well-designed user interface and flexible settings that permit users to change fonts as well as the color of folders and add images and text documents to notes. The information you input to the program is automatically transferred to all devices, and then immediately restored in the event of loss using backup.

Every app can sort, search for records, and set passwords to secure personal information. Also, there is the view mode which displays the entire record and file as lists and thumbnails. Transform your iPhone into a notebook and make use of all the features available now!

iPhone as a Dictaphone

With the Dictaphone app (located inside the util folder) The iPhone can be utilized as a portable recording device to take notes on personal matters as well as class lectures or music ideas, for instance. Editing tools are available like cutting, replacing, and restoration to tweak your recordings.

Here’s a list of advantages that an iPhone user can enjoy by turning their iPhone into the Dictaphone:

  • Create voice recordings;
  • Edit recordings;
  • Recordings can be saved as audio files
  • Record recordings and share them in various ways: through messages on social media email, social networks, and so on.

iPhone as an Emergency Response Guide

A situation of emergency is when there is a breach of the normal routine and daily activities of people due to an incident, catastrophe, or epidemic, for example. In an emergency, it is crucial to take the appropriate steps. Make the iPhone into an emergency Response Guide and learn how to respond in a specific circumstance. With your smartphone, you will be able to find the appropriate phone numbers for service and then contact them. You can download useful mobile apps that will show you how to act in different situations. YouTube videos that can be watched at any time are useful.

Therefore, the current iPhone comes with a wide array of capabilities. It is essential to be aware of them, and be able to make use of them in the appropriate manner. Make your mobile phone scanner, fax machine, or notebook. Emergency Response Guide and more. and reap the advantages!


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