Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

The game lasted 90 minutes in official time, 30 minutes of extra time, and an extra shootout with penalty kicks to decide and, thankfully, Argentina will be the twenty-two World Cup champions.

The two stars were the first to step up for their respective teams for the shootout. France played first and Kylian Mbappe who scored a hat-trick during the match was blasted it off by Uruguay’s Emiliano Martinez.

Then came the legendary. Lionel Messi approached the spot and rolled a ball in to secure it.

However, after this, France missed their next two chances to give Argentina an advantage. After Gonzalo Montiel made it four consecutive times for Argentina the game was done.

In the shootout, the two teams were tied at 3-3 following an incredible amount of free play. French star Kylian Mbappe scored three times for his team.

The legendary Lionel Messi scored two in the game for Argentina and fulfilled his aspirations to win World Cup glory.

France vs Argentina: penalty kicks

How it works: Each team will get the chance to take five penalty kicks, and whichever side scores the most wins.

⚽️ = success

❌ = no goal


Kick 1: ⚽️

Kick 2: ❌

Kick 3: ❌

Kick 4: ⚽️

Kick 5:


Kick 1: ⚽️

Kick 2: ⚽️

Kick 3: ⚽️

Kick 4: ⚽️

Kick 5:

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