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How to build your career skills from home

You don’t have to spend years or six figures for a business degree such as an MBA. However, you can get much of that knowledge at a fraction of the cost of your home. Online business courses may not be as prestigious as an accredited college or university’s advanced business degree, but they can still give you a solid foundation in managing a business.

It’s important to choose the right course for you if you plan to invest the time and money to learn online business. We reviewed hundreds of business courses in order to help you choose the right course for you. Continue reading to discover the best online business courses that suit your needs.

The Best Online Business Courses in 2022

  • Overall Competitive Advantage
  • One of the Best for starting a new business: SBA-Business Legal Requirements
  • Best for Accounts: MIT – Introduction to Financial and Managerial accounting
  • Well Best Finance: Harvard
  • Best for Marketing: University of Maryland-Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Best for Business Law Harvard: From Trust to Promise to Contract

Bottom Line

You can still get the benefits of business school by taking courses that help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge. While some courses are worthwhile, there are likely to be better alternatives.

Sometimes, elite colleges and universities offer their classrooms for free or at a reduced price to the virtual world. This can allow you to have a college-like experience without having to commit time or money.

Learning through courses is a fun way to expand your business knowledge. These top business courses will give you a head start on core topics that can impact your business’s bottom line. The Wharton School’s strategy course is our top pick, but you can also take other topic-specific courses offered by respected universities and institutions. These could help increase your business knowledge without spending a fortune.

What Are Online Business Courses?

Online business courses cover a particular topic. While some online courses are taught by an instructor who is available to assist you, others can be accessed at your own pace and time.

Some colleges and universities offer free online courses due to the nature of online business classes. Some require payment to sign up, but this may be worth it if you are interested in specific topics or credentials.

You can expect to learn through video, audio, or written content when you take an online course.

Are online business courses worth it?

Online business courses are definitely worth the investment. You sometimes get what you pay, as with many digital products. There are many excellent courses available, both paid and free.

You can decide if it is worth the time and money. Read the course description, syllabus, topics, and reviews of previous students to determine if they are worth the effort. You can make sure you select a high-quality course by sticking with reliable platforms and institutions.

What are the most useful topics for business courses?

The topic you are least familiar with is the most valuable in business courses. Start courses in marketing, finance, and strategy if you’re new to the business.

You may also want to consider niche courses depending on your business goals. You may also find courses that are relevant to your role or industry.

How much do online business courses cost?

The cost of online business courses can vary greatly. There are many courses that can be taken for free. Some courses may be free or require payment to get certified. On the higher end, courses can cost thousands of dollars.

Online courses are a great way to save money, but be careful not to pay too much for something that isn’t going your way.

How we chose the best online business courses

The Investopedia team reviewed hundreds of courses on a variety of platforms to find the best online business courses. The winners covered key topics at a level that is suitable for small business owners, as well as executives and managers of businesses of all sizes. The selection process was based on the quality of the instruction, with an emphasis on accredited, highly-respected institutions.

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