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Chromebook Wallpaper

Animated pictures and movies are available just about wherever you go online today. These days, you can find animations or video effects on just about any website, social media platform, app, game, or piece of software imaginable. Gifs, which are looping animations, have recently gained a lot of attention. Miniature photos are combined to form a larger image. Animated GIFs have seen meteoric growth in popularity over the past several years, mostly due to their widespread use on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you have a Chromebook, you may be curious about how to make a gif of your background image on Chrome OS. Fortunately, it’s not hard at all.


How To Set A Gif As Your Wallpaper On Chromebook?

Launch Chrome and select the Chrome menu from the browser’s main menu.
Choose Extras > Add-ons from the menu.
A window will appear listing all of the Chrome extensions you have installed. To activate the Gif Wallpaper Extension, simply scroll down and click on it.

The Gif Wallpaper Extension button has been added to the Chrome toolbar. If you want to change the settings for it, just click on the gear.
To choose the size and type of gifs that may be used as Chromebook wallpaper, visit this website (in pixels). Choose “Remove” to permanently disable the extension, or “Allow” to specify which sites can use it to set gifs as wallpaper in the future.
When you’re ready to use a gif as wallpaper or a background picture effect, click the “Apply” button at the top right of the extension window to save your modifications and immediately apply them across all compatible applications and websites where this functionality is accessible!

Why You Should Set A Gif As Your Chromebook Wallpaper

Gifs are easily resized to any dimension and are compact, to begin with. It’s up to your creativity whether you want a tiny gif of a tiny thing or a huge gif of a huge object.
You may use whatever resolution GIF you choose as the background on your Chromebook.
You may use whatever color scheme you choose when setting a gif as the background image effect on your Chromebook, regardless of the color schemes allowed on the sites that support this function.
Using an animated image as your Chromebook’s wallpaper, especially of nature or creatures like birds and whales that move in the breeze, may make it appear really sweet.

In order to utilize a GIF as your background on Android while chatting in apps like Allo or Hangouts from Chrome OS, you’ll need to install this extension on Chrome OS. Both the Android and ChromeOS versions of the messaging software may coexist on the same mobile device.

Installing this extension on Chrome OS will allow you to set that GIF as your wallpaper on iOS while using apps like Allo or Hangouts from Chrome OS, provided you also have an iOS device with an iOS emulator installed, such as BlueStacks. The iOS app and the ChromeOS app for texting can coexist on the same mobile device.

How To Find The Right Gif For Your Chromebook?

To set an animated GIF as your Chromebook’s background, visit this page and copy the URL under “Choose a gif.”
Click the Chrome menu button in the browser’s upper right corner, select “More tools,” and then select “Extensions” from the drop-down menu that appears.
To add a link to Chrome, copy it and then paste it into the “Paste here” box in the upper right.
After pasting the copied URL and clicking “Add extension,” a confirmation notice will appear at the top of the screen.
After clicking “OK” during the extension’s installation, you will be returned to your previous browsing session.
You’ll be reminded that you haven’t added any extensions yet; selecting OK again will complete the process.

It will only function properly if you now return to the previous page by either hitting the “Back” button again or by using some other method (such as Ctrl + Shift + T).
Find the tab labeled “Gifs,” and click it until it turns green. Then, click anywhere inside that tab until everything in it is highlighted green as well. Meaning any gif may be used in this function. Congratulations! Be ready to take advantage of this cutting-edge capability on your Chromebook.
To return to the Chrome browser’s extensions page, click the Chrome menu button (three vertical dots) in the browser’s upper right corner, then choose “More tools,” and finally click “Extensions.”
A red-highlighted button reading “Uninstall extension” should be clicked when you get there.
Once it’s finished deleting this extension from Chrome’s extensions tab, click the “Remove from Chrome” button.

How To Set A Video As Your Wallpaper On Chromebook?

To access Chrome’s settings, click the Chrome menu button (three vertical dots) in the browser’s upper right corner, and then select “Settings” from the menu that appears.
To access the more complex options, select “Show advanced settings” in the page’s footer.
A single click on “Personal things” selects it, and a second click on “Set wallpaper” sets that image as your desktop background.
Choose a picture or photo for your Chromebook’s backdrop from the device’s storage or a photo gallery app, if one is installed on your Chromebook. If you don’t have any, use a photo hostings site like Picasa or Flickr!
Once you’ve added the photos you want to use as your Chromebook’s background, click “Next.”
If you’re happy with the photos you’ve chosen to serve as your Chromebook’s wallpaper, you can confirm your selection by clicking “Done” on the page’s bottom.


Chromebooks offer a variety of options for making Gifs the background image. Get the perfect Gif with the help of a handy app or go the web-based route. Of course, you may also use a movie as your background, but that’s a very different discussion. You can add some personality, style, and color to your Chromebook with a gif. They work wonders when you need to get the creative juices going for a job of that nature. What are you waiting for?

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