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Did you download a PDF document that contained numerous pages of filler or blank content? You’re likely to would like to eliminate these pages. But how do you do it?

It’s not difficult to erase the pages of a PDF. In this article, we will guide you through a variety of ways to remove pages from PDFs for any type of desktop or mobile device.

Utilize Edge, Chrome, or Firefox (PC)

The most efficient method to remove pages from the pdf file stored on your personal computer requires just an internet browser. The process involves printing the content to the new PDF file and then removing the page or pages that you do not would like to have. It is the same for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox.

use edge of chrome

Begin by dropping your PDF document into your internet browser to begin previewing it. After that, click the Print button and select the pages to print. Be sure to delete the pages or pages you wish to erase.

For example, if would like to remove pages 6, 7, 9, and 10 of the 13-page document then type 1-5 11, 13-13, and 1-5 in The Pagefield. After that, set the printing printer for Microsoft Print to PDF or Save as PDF and choose either Print or Save.

Use PDF X (PC)

PDF X is an open PDF reader and editor that can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store. If you aren’t a fan of using your browser to play with PDF files, you could utilize PDF X instead to print the contents of new files with no pages you don’t need.

When viewing a PDF within PDF X, click the Print icon on the toolbar in the app. After that, select Microsoft Print to PDF (or any other printer that is related to PDF) to print, then specify the pages you would like to print, then click the Print. print

Make use of the preview App (Mac)

The native Mac Preview application makes it extremely simple to erase pages of PDF documents.

Begin in the beginning by opening up your pdf using Preview. Select the page you wish to remove from the sidebar. Follow the steps by clicking edit> delete to remove it. You may also select several pages from the sidebar by pressing the key Command key and delete them all at the same time.Preview-App

To save your modifications, choose the File to save. If you would like to keep the original copy, hold down the option key and select the File then Save Auto copy the contents of the file to an entirely new file.

Apart from editing Pages in PDF, users may also utilize the Preview application for adding pages to documents. It can also annotate documents, and more. Find out how you can make the most of Preview on Mac. Preview for Mac.

Use the Files app (iPhone and iPad)

If you own either an iPhone or iPad or iPad, you can utilize the Files app that comes with it to remove specific web pages from PDF files.

Begin by tapping the PDF in the Files app to open a preview of the document. Next, click on the share icon and choose the printThen, uncheck the pages you wish to remove in the Preview area and move them to the lower right part of your screen.i pade

Then, perform a pinch-out gesture on the thumbnail page to switch to another display screen. Then tap on the Share icon once more and then tap Save To Files to copy the contents of the altered pdf file in any place within the Files application.

Use Google PDF Viewer (Android)

On Android, You can utilize Google PDF Viewer as the default application to remove pages in PDF documents. While you’re viewing the document then, click the three-dot symbol on the right-hand side of the screen, and then select printUncheck the boxes beneath the pages you wish to erase, set printing to save as PDF, and press on the icon to save the icon.image-5

NOTE: The instructions and button placed above could change depending on Android devices and software versions.

Utilize Adobe Acrobat (Desktop and Mobile)

If you’ve got Acrobat’s paid edition of Adobe Acrobat installed on your mobile or desktop You can use it to delete any PDF page quickly.

Adobe Acrobat Desktop

Start the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, switch to the Tools tab, and then select the Organization Pages option. Then, select the Trash icon while hovering over the pages you want to remove.image-6

Then, select”Save” to save the modifications to the same file as well as File > Save to create a fresh copy of the altered document.

Adobe Acrobat Mobile

Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. After that, click the three dots icon at the right of the screen’s top. In the list of tools select the option to organize pages.

Then, select the pages you wish to erase and hit on the trash icon. After that press did to save your modifications.

Adobe acrobat mobile

Utilize an online PDF tool (Desktop as well as Mobile)

If you’re running late and don’t have time to play using menus, toggles, and printing options, you may use an online PDF program to erase pages from PDF documents.

Smallpdf for instance, lets you upload pages and then remove them using its tool to delete PDF pages. Then, you can download the altered PDF file locally to store it. Other programs like Sejda and PDF2GO are also able to do the same.

However, nearly all online tools have limitations that prohibit you from processing or uploading multiple files, unless the upgrade is to a paid subscription. Additionally, you should stay clear of uploading PDF files that contain sensitive data online.image-8

Lightweight and clutter-free PDFs are light and clutter-free.

The removal of unwanted PDF pages can reduce the amount of clutter and increase accessibility. If you don’t purchase an editor for PDFs that are specifically designed for this purpose, like Adobe Acrobat, sticking to the methods that are native to your system will work fine.


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