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FAB Bank Balance Check Online

Do you want to know how much money you have in your Fab account? Is it difficult for you to get to your fab account funds? If so, then this essay is for you. We’ll review the many account options available to you and show you how to check your Fab Bank balance in just a few clicks. More tips on keeping your money safe from thieves will be provided as well.

The First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) issues a wide variety of prepaid and credit cards to its clientele. Payroll, checking, and savings accounts are also available. Employees typically conduct FAB Bank searches on paydays. So, feel free to contact us whenever you have any concerns with the FAB Bank Balance Check.

The FAB website allows you to check your balance at any time. At any FAB ATM, you may enquire about your account balance. You may check your FAB account balance online, or use the FAB mobile app. Fab Bank provides a dedicated prepaid card inquiry mechanism for you to use. Using a web browser on a computer or mobile device, this method makes checking account balances a breeze. You may now easily view the balance on your salary prepaid card.

The First Bank of Abu Dhabi

Customers of the First Abu Dhabi Bank can use the Internet to access and manage their accounts. Fab Bank offers several different types of bank accounts, including savings, checking, and money markets. Customers may open an account with Fab Bank by filling out and submitting a short online application form. Fab checking accounts are perfect for customers because they don’t charge any ongoing costs and need only a little initial investment.


If you want to check your FAB account balance, you’ll need the prepaid card. In just three easy steps, you may check your FAB bank balance via your mobile device by utilizing the prepaid card inquiry system.

Check your remaining bank account balance with the use of sophisticated balance inquiry technology. Visit to use the PPC balance inquiry system.
If you have a FAB prepaid card, only the last two numbers are required to access your funds. There are 16 digits on the card, but only the last two will work at the gate.


The third step involves entering the card id number. The ID number is printed on the bottom left of the card. Click the “Go” button and then wait a few seconds after inputting the last two digits of this site’s card number. Your current balance and the 10 most recent transactions are displayed. You may also quickly find the transaction here on this screen.

Great Online Checking Account Balance

This is the quickest way to verify your FAB account balance. The FAB Bank app may be downloaded through the App Store, Google Play, or the App Gallery. After the app has been installed, you must sign in. The majority of FAB users who need to check their Salary account balance do it using the mobile app.

FAB Bank Balance Check Online (1)
FAB Bank Balance Check Online (1)

You may save hassle and stress when putting funds into an account by using one of the several prepaid credit cards offered by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), currently known as FAB or First Abu Dhabi Bank. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable financial institution, go no further than FAB.

  • The Online FAB Balance Enquiry Registration Procedure
  • Check out, FAB’s official website.
  • Look over the header area of the website. A “Login” button will be shown. Just go ahead and tap the link.
  • Make your selection in the table’s “Personal Online Banking (UAE)” section.
  • To sign up, select the Register tab.
  • Enter your Customer ID, debit card, or credit card number after that.
  • Type in the one-time password (Split OTP) sent to your phone or inbox.
  • Create a very secure passphrase.
  • Once you’re logged in, just stick to the prompts.

FAB Account Checking Service

Here are some guidelines for accessing your FAB bank balance through the web:

Enter your last two card digits and ID number HERE to check your First Abu Dhabi bank account balance.
Your current account balance will then be shown.
Online FAB Account Check

It’s a great option for investigating your question about the fab balance. You may instantly check your current bank balance and view any past transactions by inquiring about your FAB balance. This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to stay abreast of their financial situation. The steps necessary to achieve this goal are detailed below.

Visit to view your Fab account balance.
To use your prepaid card, please enter the last two digits and the card ID.
The remaining balance on your card will then be shown to you.
There Are Alternative Ways To Check Your FAB Bank Balance Using A Mobile App

Every single bank now offers a mobile app. Keep in mind that using your mobile banking app is the quickest and safest way to handle any financial transaction. No trip to the bank is required. With Fab’s mobile banking apps, you can easily check your bank balance from anywhere.

Simply entering your credentials into the mobile app will reveal your account balance and other relevant details. The FAB mobile app is available in the Google Play Store if you do not already have it.

Make a call to the Help Desk.

You may also quickly find out what your FAB balance is by calling customer care. To contact FAB, use the phone number provided on their website. The Fab balance can be sent to you by text message.

Take a Trip to the ATM

You may use your card for a wide range of financial services at ATMs. You shouldn’t worry about it. To check your account balance, insert your card into the ATM, then enter your PIN. It’s quick and straightforward, and you can even get cash out of an ATM if you need it.

How to Check Your FAB Bank Balance Online

You may do all that and more by visiting the online portal for the Fab/Nbad Ratibi prepaid card. Additional examples:

  • Answers to Inquiries About Credit Worth
  • Paycheck and/or bank balance verificationChec
  • k the money in your bank account.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) request from NBAD into my prepaid credit card bank account
  • Lulu Safeguarding and FAB Bank Account Balance Inquiry Online

Several safeguards are in place at Fab/Nbad Ratibi to ensure the safety of your account and its contents. For example:

  • Utilising a Dual Authentication Method
  • Forgotten Password Reset Tool
  • Safeguards against using multiple accounts
  • Time-based passwords (OTP)
  • Identity theft detection and alarm systems
  • Closing Remarks

    Final words:

The FAB balance inquiry is one of the cornerstone steps in financial management. Staying on top of your finances and making the right decisions requires accurate information about your current account balance. Checking your FAB bank balance online is a quick and easy solution that is available around the clock.

Simply enter your card number and ID information to see your account balance instantly. Checking your FAB account balance is easy and can be done with a few clicks on their website.


Where can I get a cool bank account?

In order to sign up for a Fab bank account, you must provide both your personal and banking details. The bank will verify your identity and then create an easy-to-use online banking profile for you.

Are we able to view our ATM funds online?

If you already have an online banking account with your bank, checking your debit card balance online is the quickest and easiest option. Enter your login information (often a username and password) when prompted on the bank’s website.

The FAB Balance Inquiry entails what?

The FAB Balance Inquiry allows you to check the current balance of a client’s account.

In what way can I view my current FAB credit card balance?

You may reach our customer service team at (600) 52 5500, visit your neighborhood FAB, or use the FAB Mobile app.

Where do I go to enroll in FAB mobile banking?

Go to the FAB Mobile login page, click the “Forgot PIN” button, and then follow the on-screen instructions to quickly regain access to your mobile banking account.

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