Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
wheel chair

Hot Wheels has a new product: a remote-controlled wheelchair toy. This will allow them to expand their reach to children who are in wheelchairs.

Aaron “Wheelz”, a five-time Wheelchair Motocross World Champion, and Paralympic competitor created the toy. Fotheringham was born with spinal bifurca and used a wheelchair since age eight. He is well-known for his elaborate backflips and tricks in his wheelchair.

Toymaker Mattel has made the toy available on Amazon. It was designed to replicate Fotheringham’s wheelchair.

Fotheringham describes the collaboration as a dream come to life. CNN spoke with Fotheringham, who said he didn’t have any similar toys growing up. He saw wheelchair users and children having fun with the toy at the launch event. He said, “You could see their faces light up.”

The toy “really allows you that freedom of imagination.”

Fotheringham’s wheelchair-motocross journey began with a visit to the skate park as a child. His brother suggested that Fotheringham try the skate ramp in his wheelchair. He finally succeeded after several failed attempts.

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He said, “Then I gave up everything and became obsessed with the skating park.”

Fotheringham said, “What I loved about the skate park and what I still love is that you can be as creative or as simple as you like.” “You are never bored.” Boredom is a sign that you aren’t moving forward.

According to the athlete, he couldn’t believe it when Hot Wheels approached him for the partnership. He said that Hot Wheels’ willingness to take my chair was “the greatest compliment” he had ever received.

He hopes the toy will help change public perceptions about wheelchairs. It shows that even a medical device can be exciting and fun. “I think that the (remote-controlled toy) is amazing because it brings a positive and fun light to something people otherwise take way too seriously.

Gerry Cody is the director of product design at Mattel Hot Wheels RC and Innovation. He said he hopes that the toy will encourage children to overcome their perceived limitations.

Cody shared a statement with myCNN that said, “We’re excited about our latest collaboration Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham and the introduction of our first-ever Hot Wheels® R/C wheelchair toy. This reinforces our goal to inspire children to break down boundaries and pursue their dreams regardless of any personal challenges they may face.”

Aaron was a close collaborator and we made sure that the product was accurate to his wheelchair. It also makes it a great toy to have fun with. We are excited to hear all the stories about this unique toy.


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