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There are many traditional decor elements, such as planters and throw cushions, but there are also some more fun accessories that are just as important. Window treatments are one example of such items. The ugly beige blinds from the 1980s and 1990s are no more. You don’t have to decorate your windows with clacking curtains or metal blinds. Window treatments are very popular and you can use them in a variety of ways to add flair to your home.


Window treatments are often overlooked when designing a room. However, natural light and windows can make or break a space. Window coverings are dependent on the space available and how much natural light is available. They can either be functional, aesthetic, or both. These ideas will inspire you to have a better view of your home.

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These 19 modern window treatments give blinds and drape a new lease of life.

  1. Embrace Half-and-Half

Are you looking for privacy, but also love brightly lit rooms? Blinds that cover half the window allow you to have both privacy and light. To create a beautiful, sun-filled living area, you don’t need to keep your windows bare.

  1. Boho Blinds Installed

Boho is timeless, especially when it involves window treatments. This style is known for its natural textures and earthy tones, making it easy to find blinds that fit in seamlessly.

  1. Cover windows with drapes

These thick curtains have a luxurious, modern look and help to keep the light in. They also set the tone for the area. These curtains are bolder than traditional sheer curtains and have a greater impact than the conventional shades.

  1. Use Modern Patterns

Curtains are more than privacy. Keep modernist vibes going! These stylish and fun-filled curtains are great for adding style to homes that aren’t too patterned or colored.

  1. Dramatize using Color

Many people believe they have to limit their abilities to alter a room with paint or add subtle accents to it with decorative objects. For a happy middle, replace your window curtains with something bright and colorful.

  1. Mix it up!

Blinds look great with wood frames. You can make a statement with your window trim by matching it to a treatment that looks like it was made just for you.

  1. Your midcentury dream come true

This room needed a crisp rectangular design and these long blinds were the perfect finishing touch. The midcentury-inspired ambiance is enhanced by the window covering.

  1. Opaque with whimsy

All-white spaces with delicate colors often seem like they are made for opaque curtains. However, this space shows that opaque can work just as well. They are thicker and block more light but still appear light and airy.

  1. Blend in and incorporate

Sometimes, a window treatment’s ability to stand out can make it beautiful. Sometimes, like in this bathroom’s bathroom, it is important to blend in seamlessly. A neutral tone can be a great way to maintain tranquility and renew the feeling in a place that is so peaceful and relaxing.

  1. A jewel-toned color

A set of jewel-toned drapes will add drama and color to your bedroom or dining area. This drape adds just the right amount of color to modern spaces that recall the glory of the roaring 20s. 11. Tribute to the ’70s

Wooden blinds are a great addition to a shag ottoman and navy velvet couch. The space is reminiscent of a Cali surf spot, thanks to the addition of a beautiful plant.

  1. Double down

There is no reason to limit your window treatments to one type. You’ll have more options if you combine two items, such as a pair of sturdy blinds with a set of curtains. You can customize everything from the window treatments to how much light comes in.

  1. Black drapes are bold and striking

Privacy curtains and their light-blocking counterparts can seem boring in principle. But, as you will see, the matte black option gives it a little more character. The combination of functionality and aesthetics is unbeatable.

  1. Continue to go around the corners

A difficult corner shouldn’t be confusing. Blinds can be used to cover the uncomfortable corner. This allows for more natural light and makes your space feel larger.

  1. Farmhouse style

Your window curtains can have farmhouse-inspired flair, too. You should choose a pattern that is timeless but still suitable for the 21st century.

  1. Colors that are more vibrant

You might want to expand your color palette but don’t have the budget for a new sofa or throw pillow. Curtains can be used to add a beautiful shade to an area or to brighten up a space that is monochromatic.

  1. Try to be bold, but colorful

You like the look but not the feeling of curtains. You should choose drapes that are almost translucent, but still retain some color. These bright blue drapes are great for balancing the orange chairs and work well with the matching couch.


We love the idea of changing window treatments. But there are many other small changes you can make in your home. Are there any budget-friendly options for upgrading or updating your home?


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