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The distinctive identity (i.e., phone number) assigned to a new SIM card is frequently printed on the package when you purchase it. While some carriers pre-assign phone numbers to SIM cards prior to registration or activation, others don’t.

Let’s say you misplace the SIM card packing or forget the phone number associated with your SIM card. Where else could you look up your phone number? If you have an iOS or Android device, finding your phone number is rather simple.

However, depending on the make, model, operating system, user interface (UI), etc. of your phone, the processes may change. On iOS, Android, and even feature phones, this tutorial will demonstrate how to locate your phone number. You’ll discover both Mac and Windows computer methods for finding your phone number.

Use the iPhone and iPad to Find Your Phone Number.

Your phone number will automatically be detected by Siri when you insert your SIM card into your iPhone or iPad and added to your contact card.

Open the Phone app, select the Contacts tab, and select your name under “My Card” from the list of options. To view your phone number, you can also launch the Contacts app and choose your name card.

If the phone number is wrong, it may be removed. On the confirmation screen, select Don’t Suggest Phone Number once more after tapping the “phone” card.

Siri will remove the phone number from your contact list and stop recommending it as yours.

The iOS settings menu is where you can also find your phone number. Check the My Number row in the Settings app’s Phone section for your phone number.

If the phone number is wrong, you may always edit or change it. Then choose Save after tapping My Number and entering the proper phone number.

The phone number linked to your iCloud account, or your Apple ID number, may not be the same as this one. The Apple ID phone number is required for two-factor authentication, sign-in verification, password resets, and other functions.

Open the Settings app, choose your Apple ID name, hit Name, Phone Numbers, and Email, then look for the phone number under “Reachable At” on iPhones and iPads.

Select Add a Phone Number from the pop-up menu after selecting Edit, Add Email or Phone Number, and Add a Phone Number to add a new phone number to your Apple ID account.

On a Mac, look up an iPhone phone number.

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac if you’re using one, then proceed with the instructions below. Please be aware that you might have to enter your device’s passcode.

  1. Open Finder, and then choose your iPhone or iPad from the list of locations in the sidebar.
  2. Once your phone number displays in the section, select the model name, serial number, or storage details of your iPhone.
  3. Your IMEI number will be displayed next to the phone number for your iPhone.
  4. Do you wish to add the number to the Mac’s clipboard? Copy Phone Number can be chosen by right-clicking or control-clicking the number.

Windows search for iPhone phone number

A USB cord, the iTunes app, and a Windows computer are all that are need to access the phone number on your iPhone. The procedures below should be followed after installing iTunes from the Microsoft Store and connecting your iPhone to your PC.

Remark: You might be asked to give your PC permission to view your data when you connect your iPhone to your PC. If you see the question, select Trust and then input the passcode for your iPhone to continue.

  1. Launch iTunes and click the phone symbol in the toolbar to the right of the “Music/Movies/TV Shows/Podcasts/Audiobooks” selection menu.

You will then be redirected to a new page that contains information about your device.

  1. To access your iPhone’s phone number, select the “Summary” tab from the sidebar and look in the Phone number row.

If you have a dual SIM iPhone, you’ll notice two phone numbers here: “Phone Number 1” for SIM 1, and “Phone Number 2” for SIM 2.

You can also transfer the phone number from your iPhone to the clipboard using the iTunes app. Copy can be chosen by right-clicking on the number.

On Android, look up phone numbers

Depending on the brand and operating system version of your device, several procedures may be required to check your phone number in Android. However, Android also comes with a number of built-in methods for verifying your mobile phone number.

The settings menu, the Messages app, and carrier-specific USSD codes all allow you to check the phone number linked to your SIM card.

Search for a phone number in the Android Settings menu

Check the Phone number rows for your mobile phone number in the Settings app’s About phone section after opening the app.

Go to Settings > About device (or About phone) > Status > My phone number if your smartphone doesn’t have the stock Android UI (Samsung and LG are two examples).

If your phone has numerous SIM card slots or ports, Android will list all of the different phone numbers. Restart your phone and check again if the phone number provided is yours. The SIM card can also be taken out and reinserted.

If your phone number is still displayed as “Unknown,” see if it is powered by the most recent Android version. If not, make sure your phone is running the most recent Android version by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

Messages App’s Phone Number Lookup

Another quick way to retrieve your phone number on Android is through the Settings section of the Messages app. Open the Messages app, choose Menu on the top-left, and then choose Settings. The phone number for your device can be found at the bottom of the screen by selecting Advanced after that.

Contact your network carrier or use USSD codes.

There are specific shortcodes for verifying phone numbers on several cellular networks. These codes are generally free, and the outcome is immediate. When you call the shortcode, a service message with the SIM card’s allocated number will show up on your phone’s display. Your phone number might receive an SMS message from some cellular service providers.

The USSD code for verifying phone numbers on your carrier network should be accessible with a quick Google search. Even better, give your network provider a phone call—especially if you have a feature phone or are unable to access the internet.

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