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How To Link Instagram To Facebook & Why You Should

Upload images directly to News Feed Ever since Facebook announced that it would spend $1 billion on Instagram’s acquisition Instagram The integration that was offered has created two platforms that seem to be irreparable. The integration these two platforms can offer isn’t one you currently find on other social media platforms.

Other social media platforms like Twitter permit users to post Instagram posts in a web link format. But, Facebook is the only one that allows you to upload pictures directly via Instagram on the News Feed.

Streamlined content is but one of many reasons to connect Instagram with Facebook. Let’s take a look.

How To Connect Instagram To Facebook and The Reasons Why It’s Important

The capability to connect Instagram to Facebook lets you upload photos and videos you capture or edit in a seamless way for your followers and viewers. Additionally, the likes you earn on Instagram will be reflected in the Facebook pages you post.


The number of Facebook users is greater than on Instagram. Utilizing both platforms will provide the added advantage of reaching more people which has the potential of growing your following substantially. This, along with Instagram’s algorithms has been proven to prioritize the most appealing posts. Therefore, the additional likes you receive on Facebook could aid in helping your content get more attention.

In addition, you can increase the visibility of your posts however, even if you do not care maintaining contact with your family members, friends or even fans becomes easier by cross-posting across platforms. Account recovery isn’t as painful if you cannot connect to one. Linking your account can alleviate some frustration.

Facebook will also save any uploaded images from Instagram and save them to their album called Instagram photos. Additionally, the entirety of Instagram information about posts, such as hashtags, location, and emojis can be seamlessly uploaded to Facebook.

brand engagement

Instagram has more than 200 million users active, with 75 million actively using the platform each day. The platform has 43% of brands publishing regularly, Instagram is indeed a platform with branding written across it.

Instagram offers brands another social media platform that can help them gain publicity, a larger audience, and an increase in revenue. Limiting your social media options to limited to Facebook or Twitter could severely limit your chances in a filled market, where many brands have already taken advantage of several digital platforms.Brand-Engagement

You don’t need to sever your relationships with your followers by demanding them to switch the social networks they use. Therefore, the only solution is to utilize both. Even if your fans don’t follow you around, you’ll have two sources of content that allow you to create another fan base.

Let your Facebook followers be aware of your Instagram profile and give them an option to join it, or not. Display every single Instagram image to Facebook fans through posts. Each photo of interest to your followers must be hashtagged with the hashtag.

Connect Instagram with Facebook


Linking the two accounts on social media requires the use of a mobile device. The procedure connecting Instagram with Facebook is similar on both iOS and Android operating systems.

  • Begin to pair both accounts using Instagram on your mobile device. Open the Instagram application on your smartphone and go to your Account screen.
  • Click to reveal the menu icon (three vertical lines) found in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.
  • In the Menu, select Settings.Link-Instagram-to-Facebook-1
  • From the list of options From the long list, tap the Account.Link-Instagram-to-Facebook-2
  • Followed by linked accounts.Link-Instagram-to-Facebook-3
  • Below is an overview of the various social media platforms you can connect to on Instagram. Instagram account. Facebook is on top.Link-Instagram-to-Facebook-4
  • It is beneficial by connecting any accounts you can be integrated with Instagram such as Tumblr, Twitter, and the rest. As long as you have an account on these social media platforms.
  • Click the Facebook icon and then you’ll need to log in with the Facebook credentials. You can sign in using your browser or if you’re using it, the Facebook application.
  • Once you’ve signed in after logging in, your accounts will become connected. You’ll notice that the Facebook account now displays your name at the top of it.Link-Instagram-to-Facebook-5
  • That means that if you publish something on Instagram or Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be able to share it easily on other social media platforms too.
    • You can turn this on at any time within a post using the button that is located at the bottom of the screen.

Sharing Older Photos

  • To upload older photos on Instagram on Facebook (or another social networking app that you are using on your smartphone) choose the image and then open the menu in the upper-right corner.Share-Older-Photos-1
  • After that, tap “Share to…from the pop-up menu.Share-Older-Photos-2
  • Choose the app you want to share it with and then share it with the app.
    • In other apps, that aren’t Facebook the image may be displayed as a hyperlink. Make sure to keep this in mind when you click on the option.
    • It is common to include a message and an image of the link.

There’s also the option to set it up to automatically share new blog posts.

Automatic Post

  • Returned in Settings > Accounts > Accounts Linked Click on Facebook .
    • In this window, you can select a variety of options like the Share Your Story feature with Facebook or Sharing Your Stories on Facebook.Automatic-Share
  • This toggle will let all posts and stories post automatically on the Facebook feed.
  • If you also have pages associated with your profile on Facebook, you may change to have every post from Instagram delivered automatically to the page too.
    • Tap Share and choose one’s pages from Select the Page.

Eliminate Integration

  • The option to remove your accounts is found on Facebook’s Options > Accounts > Settings Related Accounts and Facebook page.
  • To remove the link, just click the button, and then confirm your decision to unlink accounts.Unlink-Instagram-and-Facebook
  • It will not erase posts shared across platforms but will cease all future sharing of posts until the reintegration process is completed following the steps outlined above.

Do you connect Instagram with Facebook? If yes, what advantages or cons do you think you’ve encountered using this method? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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