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How to Make Money with the Amazon Associates Program

It’s not a fact that Amazon is the pioneer in the field of ebooks, and is expanding opportunities for independent authors. However, Amazon also set the standard in affiliate marketing online. In 1996 Amazon began as a tiny online book retailer that was run by Jeff Bezos’ garage. With a budget for marketing that was limited, Amazon decided to tap the reader’s love for books in order to promote its brand. Instead of making the initial expense to purchase advertising, Amazon offered people a fee when they recommended clients to Amazon. This commission was paid once the buyer had purchased, thus eliminating any upfront costs for marketing.

At the time that Amazon’s Amazon Associates Program launched in 1998, there weren’t any inexpensive, easy methods for new Internet entrepreneurs to earn money online. The affiliate program of Amazon transformed that. The main issue was that earning a significant revenue through an Amazon affiliate meant selling tons of books. As Amazon has broadened its product offerings and has made it easier to earn an income through Amazon has become much more straightforward.

How to Make Money with the Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is still a lower payout rate in comparison to the other affiliates (1 1 to 10 percent depending on the type of product) however, with its extensive product range and a huge client base and trustworthiness, it is likely that you will locate something you can advertise and earn profits. 

As with any other home-based money-making scheme, earning money through Amazon requires work, research, and marketing. Here are some suggestions to make the most of the potential of the Amazon Associates Program.

Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

There are many great benefits to joining Amazon Associates. There are many great reasons to join Amazon Associates program, including:

  • Amazon is a well-known known brand that customers rely on and trust each and every day.
  • Joining is free.
  • There are no thresholds for traffic or other criteria you must meet to satisfy to be accepted into the program.
  • There are tons of items you can sell.
  • Amazon offers a variety of tools to aid you in selling certain products or categories of products.
  • It is possible to use a reliable report system that lets you can see what is generating clicks, and what’s being sold.
  • You can get direct deposits into your account at the bank.
  • Amazon provides great customer service to its customers, which means you can reduce the chance of having your customers get angry at you when they encounter a problem with the service.
  • Even if the visitor does not purchase the product you recommended and they do buy something during that visit, you will earn an amount of commission. 2

Pros and cons of the Amazon Associates Program

There is no way to be flawless, even that of the Amazon affiliate program. Here are some negatives:

  • Its commission rates are lower than other affiliate programs. It ranges from 1 percent to 10% based on the item. It provides a flat-rate rate for bounty programs, for example, $15 for sign-ups to business accounts as well as $3 for Prime referrals and $5 for audiobook referrers. 1
  • The cookies are only good for 24 hours. If your referral does not buy in the next 24 hours you will not receive credit. (However, should the item has been added to the carts the cookie is valid for at least 89 days.)
  • It is not permitted to send Amazon affiliate links within emails. This includes blog posts that are sent via email. Because email is a great method to offer great deals at your visitors, this practice isn’t the best.
  • If you own a U.S. site and are selling products from an Amazon U.S. store, you will not be credited when someone ends up purchasing the product outside of the country (i.e. Amazon UK).
  • The payment options available are direct deposit, checks, or Amazon gift cards. There is no PayPal alternative. 2

Methods to Market the visibility of your Amazon Affiliate Links

There are some ways to promote amazon market links :


The blogging industry is the most frequent method affiliates earn money via Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates program. Certain bloggers have general topics and make use of a variety of affiliate programs, as well as other options for monetization. Others have niche sites that focus on specific products the blog is covering. In any case, earning money from Amazon Associates on a blog is possible through:

  1. Write articles on your website or blog about buying or choosing products through Amazon. Now more than ever before, customers browse online to find choices for buying. For mom bloggers, you could write an article about choosing an inexpensive vacuum, with the link to your top option or a few hyperlinks to your top picks. Food bloggers can link to cooking equipment. A food-related blogger may connect to cooking equipment. A photography website can be linked to cameras as well as other equipment for photography.
  2. Reviewing the latest product. Again, people need to be aware of products prior to investing money into them, particularly if they’re new and there’s not much information on the market.
  3. Writing about the best-selling products. You can use the best-selling items on Amazon or if already have an affiliate sale experience with Amazon Check your stats to see which ones have performed mostly in the community of your blog.
  4. Promoting special deals on your blog. This works well when you have an everyday deal website. This method requires that you be on the lookout on Amazon for special offers related to products that match the topic area of your website.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms to share blog posts by using affiliate links. Alternatively, you can directly share your affiliate link on your blog post. Be sure to mention that the link is an affiliate one in your post so that you can be transparent and not bother your readers. People don’t like being continuously sold to So, posts with Affiliate links must be a mix with posts that are non-sales and not affiliate-related.

YouTube Videos

You can present the same kinds of video content as you can on your blog, for example, reviews. The benefit of video in generating revenue is the ability to offer instructions, tours as well as other videos which can help prospective buyers determine whether they want to purchase products or not.

Lead Magnet as well as Email

A lot of successful affiliate marketers have a simple two-page website as well as an email marketing system that runs their affiliate marketing automatically to earn an income that is passive. The first page is a landing page, which promotes an offer to get customers to sign up for the email. Once a person has subscribed, the visitor is taken to the second page, which typically contains details about the affiliate product.

The email contains a lead-generating email, in addition to several other emails that offer useful tips and details and offers of affiliate-related products.

Include Amazon Offers to Your Current Business

You could promote Amazon products as part of other offerings for businesses to generate an additional source of income. No matter if you offer products or services you’re likely to find products and services that your customers and clients could benefit from Amazon. For instance, if you’re a business trainer who has noticed increased productivity when using the use of a Bullet Journal, you can advertise notebooks that have dotted pages.

How to Set Up as an Amazon Affiliate

Beginning getting started with Amazon Associates program is free and simple. Here’s how:

  1. Signing up is done by going to Amazon and filling out the forms.
  2. Be sure to study the guidelines. For example, it is not permitted under Amazon Associates policy to include Amazon affiliate hyperlinks in emails.
  3. Choose the product(s) you wish to market. Amazon allows you to search using keywords ISBNs (for books) and the number of the product.
  4. Choose the best way to advertise the product you decide to promote. Amazon provides ad scripts that you could be running on a blog or web page.
  5. Create the traffic. All affiliate income will be more effective with a substantially continuous flow that is targeted. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to attract visitors to your website or blog.
  6. Create product recommendations that are compatible with your blog’s topic. If you blog about how you survived zombies, you shouldn’t include an image of bulbs of tulips unless they repel zombies.
  7. Pick your products carefully. Don’t promote something that you don’t want to buy or enjoy just to earn money. This can backfire and make you lose credibility with your website’s visitors. Customers are much more inclined to purchase items that you have personally recommended. If you’re unfamiliar with the item, make sure to read reviews to find out about others’ experiences.
  8. Use many links and photos that can be linked in your article. Web readers can be oblivious to advertisements. They’re more likely to click on links and images in an informative piece.
  9. When you’re blogging be sure to add an explanation in the form of an affiliate hyperlink as per the FTC guidelines for disclosures on blogs and GDPR. While it’s legal within the U.S., it’s also crucial to maintain your readers’ trust in you.2

Maximizing the Sales and Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Here are some more tips to increase your affiliate earnings.

  1. Discuss or advertise associated merchandise. When you order a burger, you’re questioned, “Do you want fries along with it.
  2. Find out what other products your referrals are purchasing. One great feature of the Amazon Associates program is that you earn money on the products your referral purchases regardless of whether or not they purchase the product that you recommended. Amazon statistics will reveal what products your referrals bought. If you’ve not yet made the product available for sale and it’s suitable for your website or blog It’s worth adding to your list of products.
  3. Track your analytics to find out what’s working the most, what’s clicked on your site as well as other information to determine what your audience would like and is willing to pay for.

Marketing affiliates through Amazon and other sellers is an excellent method to earn money from home. However, it’s not as simple as the creation of a blog or website and putting up several affiliate hyperlinks. It requires understanding a market’s needs, providing the information and sources to meet those needs, and aiding the market in finding the solutions.

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