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How to Make Money with the Amazon Associates Program

When WordPress first appeared it was an easy blogging platform. It was also among the first websites that could be installed without prior knowledge of coding.

Nowadays, WordPress is so much more than a simple blogging platform. It can also be used as a platform to create websites for membership, e-commerce as well as content websites, and much more. This is done by making integration additional features provided through “plug-ins” and themes. Plug-ins function with WordPress in the same as apps work for your phone Themes create the appearance and feel of your website. WordPress is so popular that it is now the power behind 30 percent of the websites that are accessible on the internet.

Making Money using WordPress

To earn money from blogging using WordPress it is necessary to have an established business plan. Making money through WordPress isn’t a piece of magic. It’s just a matter of discipline and Google search results to get a better understanding of the best way to do it.

While there are many options to start a business on this WordPress blog platform, one of the simplest methods for people to begin making money online through an existing WordPress blog would be to

  1. Create content that is valuable on your website in Blog posts
  2. Increase traffic to the content by utilizing free marketing or paid advertisements
  3. Profiting from the traffic using AdSense advertisements as well as Affiliate marketing

3 Steps to Make Money by using WordPress

These monetization software programs are easy to get and simple to integrate into your site. The following are the basic principles of each of the three components.

How to Make Money with WordPress

1. Create Valuable Content

The most valuable content is one that readers enjoy reading. It should be unique or well-curated. A piece of unique content can answer a query (like this article addresses the question “How do I Make Money with WordPress?”).

Good content is typically educative, entertaining, or both. One format that works very online is listicles and how-to content.

You’ve probably seen and read a lot of listicles. They could be in the form of posts such as “10 Tips to Apply a Gorgeous Cat Eye” or “Seven Ways to Get Your Infant to Sleep at Night”. The article itself is an almost-listicle format since it outlines three ways to make money through WordPress.

How-to guides are more clear. Anything that begins with “how to” can be addressed in a “how-to” article. It could include things similar to “How to Save Money on Your Heating Bills” or “How to Sleep 100% Better Every Night”.

After you’ve written some content, you’ll need to drive visitors to your site.

2. Get Traffic to Your Content

The term “traffic” is used to describe the users who visit your website. There are numerous ways to increase visitors to a WordPress-powered site. Check out the five strategies below.

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Site

  1. search engine optimization Also known as SEO is the way that search engines will display your website on their search results pages. Most often, you will get more traffic when you reach an initial page ranking in search engines. SEO isn’t too complicated, but it will require you to master some basic SEO-related skills.
  2. Commenting on forums: If you comment in forums related to your subject matter and do it in a constructive way, you may be able to add a link back to the relevant post in your signature. This is a great idea and you’ll be amazed at how many visitors you achieve through forums marketing.
  3. Paid traffic via Facebook: All those ads that you are seeing on Facebook are paid for by businesses to drive visitors to their sites. Facebook is an excellent platform since it’s very affordable to get started. It is possible to run campaigns on Facebook starting at two dollars per day, and when your content is semi-viral, the number of clicks to your site could be relatively inexpensive.
  4. Reddit: Arguably, there’s no more polarized website than Reddit, and where the emotions are high, visits to your site can be obtained. If you use the same methods that you use when posting comments on forums, you’ll get traffic back to your website.
  5. Guest post: It is the place where you post for free on other websites. It can seem to be it’s a lot of work however if you are able to get an online site that has lots of visitors and it could result in an increase in traffic after the guest post is live as well as a steady stream of traffic throughout the time.

Now that you’ve got an article or two and you’ve got people coming to your website – it’s time to make money.

3. Monetizing Your WordPress Site

There are many ways to earn money from your WordPress site and earn profit from it. The most popular for users who are just starting out is AdSense advertisements as well as those of the Amazon affiliate program. AdSense is a program run by Google allows you to display ads on your site and receive a fee when users click on them.

Amazon’s affiliate program allows you to promote any product Amazon offers and pay you a percentage of the sales that people purchase.

Making money with the WordPress site is a possibility. It generally takes some patience and time to master grasp it. However, there’s an almost unbeatable feeling about getting that first small amount of money from an account you have created.

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