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How To Play Pokemon Games On PC (1)

There are many ways you can play Pokemon games online. You can play Fire Red or something completely different, like the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

You will need to learn more about emulators for the Gameboy and DS before you can play Pokemon games on a PC.

How to Install an Emulator for Pokemon

There are two ways to play official Pokemon games. To play the games from 2006 through 2017, you can use a Nintendo DS emulator or a Gameboy emulator.

You have the final say. We’ll give you a guideline for each option.

How to Play Gameboy Pokemon Games on a PC

Two components are required to play a Gameboy Pokemon on your computer. The emulator software is what allows you to emulate the Gameboy software and operating system.

The second section is where you can play the Pokemon emulator game. Start by downloading an emulator. VBA_M is our recommendation. It’s free and frequently updated.

After downloading VBA-M, extract it to a place you will remember. After, double click to run visual boy advance-m.exe.

Now your emulator is ready to play Pokemon. Now you will need to search online for the right ROMs. A ROM is basically a virtual copy of the game that must be loaded into an emulator.

You can find out more about Nintendo’s legality for downloading emulators. On Emulator Games, you can find many ROMS for Pokemon or other Nintendo titles.

Click on the game you want to play, then click Save Game. file will contain the ROM. Do not extract the zip file.

Next, go to Visualboyadvance_m. Click File >. Double-click the file you downloaded to open it. You can now play the game without restrictions by running the emulator.

An emulator saves games differently. The built-in save function won’t work. Instead, click Save State to save your game. Then choose an empty slot.

To play in the future, you can use Load State. This will load the game exactly from the location you saved it last.

How To Play Nintendo DS Pokemon Games On PC

The same steps can be used to play Nintendo DS Pokemon games from your computer. You will need a Nintendo DS emulator.resume is the best and most supported Nintendo DS emulator.

After downloading the emulator, you can open the DeSmuME.exe folder on your computer. Your downloaded version will determine the exact file name. Next, go to Emulator Game and search for a DS Pokemon video game.

After you click on a Pokemon game, click on the Save Game link and wait for it to download.

Next, go back to and click file > Open ROMDouble-click file you downloaded to open it in DeSmuME.

You can save your progress while you play by clicking Save State and then click on an available slot. To open saved games in the future, you can use Load State.

How to Play Pokemon Games without an Emulator

There are many ways to play Pokemon games on your PC without an emulator. These are official Nintendo releases, while others are third-party games.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Official

The online version of the Pokemon trading card game is just as good as the physical one. You’ll receive a code card with every purchase of a physical Pokemon Trading Card Pack. This card can also be used online to open another pack.

Online battles are possible with friends, strangers and AI in the Pokemon trading card game. There are also frequent new packs to keep the meta and gameplay fresh.

PokeMMO Unofficial

PokeMMO, a fan-made Pokemon multiplayer game, is free to download and play. You can join other friends around the globe to progress through missions, capture Pokemon, and defeat leaders in gyms. You can also trade Pokemon with other players and fight them.

PokeMMO is a combination of four regions. It brings all the Pokemon from those areas with it. The graphics are similar to Pokemon Black or White.

Pokémon-Planet Unofficial

Pokemon-Planet, another fanmade online Pokemon game, is also available. This fan-made world is larger than any other Pokemon game. You can train, catch and evolve hundreds of Pokemon from all over the world just like in the official games. You can create a Pokemon-Planet team and form a clan with other trainers to compete online.

Emulator Games Unofficial

You can use the same website that we recommended to download emulators for Pokemon.

Click the link above to find the game you want. Click Play Game Online on the game page.

You can play the game in full screen mode after it loads. You must click the Save State button to save your progress. You should save the file. You’ll need to access the emulator online again. Click Upload State, and then choose your save file.

With this last tip in mind, there are many options for you to play Pokemon games on your PC.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or need help with these emulators and Pokemon games.

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