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How to Schedule a Text Message on Android

Despite the rise of online chat apps which you can use to talk with someone for no cost, sending a text message is still one of the most efficient ways to contact someone via their phone. What if the message you’d like to send out isn’t urgent and you’ve planned to put off sending it?

What if you don’t wish to forget to wish someone a happy birthday on the next day, or you need to get in touch with someone who is in a different time zone and you don’t want to disturb them by sending them a text message? In Android, There are many methods to program a text message to be sent later at a certain date or time. Find out how you can use the native Messages app as well as Google Messages or an app from a third party to plan a text message that will be sent in the near future.

How to schedule a text message on Android within the Native Messages App

So , you wrote a text but you decided to write it again. The good thing is that you can plan and then send the message later, regardless of the Android device you are using. But, based on the model you have, you’ll have to install a third party application for this, or not.

For instance, if you own For instance, if you have a Samsung handset, for instance, you could utilize your phone’s native Messages application called Samsung Messages to plan your text messages. To accomplish this you must follow the instructions in the following steps.

  1. Start your Samsung Messages app, find the person you want to contact, then note down your message.
  2. Choose the arrow icon located on right side of text. Then click the plus icon to display additional options.01_samsung_plus-icon
  3. From the menu, choose from the options, select.02_schedule-message
  4. Select the date and time that you wish your message to be delivered. Choose “Done” for confirmation.03_choose-time-and-date
  5. To finish scheduling your message, select Send.

How to schedule a text message using Google Messages

For a lot of models on Android smartphone, Google Messages is the native Messages application. If so you can schedule text messages using Android is now even simpler.

To set up an SMS message to Google Messages, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Google Messages , and enter your text.
  2. Hold your button to send button for a few seconds until scheduled Send option is displayed, then select it.04_scheduled-send
  3. Choose a date and time for the text message to be delivered.05_schedule-send-time-options
  4. Choose the Send button and confirm. This will show a small clock icon which indicates that your message has been scheduled.

What Should You Do If You Aren’t able to schedule a Text within Google Messages

If you tried opening your native Messages application and did not see the scheduled send option this could be a sign of one of two things. The native Messages app is different to Google Messages, in which it is possible to connect and download Google Messages to make it work.

Or, it could not have been released for users yet. You could either wait for the update to be available or search for Google Messages on the Play Store and sign up for the beta program via the page for the app. Beta versions of Google Messages will incorporate the feature.

Make use of third-party apps to schedule text messages on Android

You could also utilize an application from third parties to set up your messages via text as well as employ other methods of workarounds.

Utilize the Pulse Text for delay your text messages

If you’re not a fan of Google Messages, Pulse SMS is a great alternative. This Pulse SMS logo is like Google Messages. Naturally, the method of scheduling a text message in Pulse SMS is similar to Google Messages too.


Once you have downloaded and installed the application, launch it, and then click it by clicking the + icon at the bottom-right corner of the application. Select the contact you would like to send a text message to. After that, press the button to send the message. Hold down the button to left until you are able to see the option to program the text.

Choose the date and the time that you wish to have your message to be delivered and click “OK”. Note down your message and then click to save it.


Pulse SMS will be sent at a specific time and day you select.

You can schedule your text using Do it Later

Do It Later sounds like an app to distract yourself, however, it’s actually an app to make your messages more efficient. Apart from setting up your messages on emails and messages for text messages to be delivered in the future, Do It Later allows users to respond automatically to text messages, calls, WhatsApp messages, and even emails.


To set up a text message in Do It Later, open Do It Later, then click on the plus icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, and then select the option Message. Then, select the recipient’s name, write your message , and then choose the date you’d like the app to send the message.

To confirm, tap for confirmation, tap the tick symbol located in the upper-right corner in the upper-right corner. Do it Later will handle the rest.

Write It Now, and Send Later

Noting down an idea when it occurs to you will help you remember it in the future. This is also true for messages sent via text. Make sure to write down your message when you consider it, and if it doesn’t feel appropriate to send itout, plan the message to be sent out later.

Do you set up your texts via Android? Which application do you use to do it? Tell us about your experience of posting texts to the future in the comment section below.


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