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How to Unblock a Number on iPhone and Android

unblocking a phone number: Perhaps you’d like to remove someone from your list but are unable to remember the steps to take? This guide will walk you through the steps of unblocking a phone number on iOS as well as Android devices.

NOTE: The steps in this tutorial could differ depending on the model of your device (mainly with Android) and OS version. We tested the Nokia smartphone with Android 10 OS (with stock UI) as well as an iPhone running iOS 14.7.1 running. Android phones (from Samsung, OnePlus and more.) that run a customized Android UI may have different methods to unblock contacts. If neither of the solutions below work for your device, visit the official website of the manufacturer for clear steps.

Unblock a Number on iPhone

If you can remember your contact(s) which you have blocked it is easy to unblock them using the Phone application. However, if you don’t remember the contact(s) lookup for blocked phone numbers within the phone settings menu and unblock them in accordance with the list.

In this article, we’ll walk you through different methods to remove contacts from your iPad and iPhone.

1. Unblock a Contact in the Phone App

Open the Phone application, tap the icon for information next to the phone number you wish to block, then tap to unblock this caller.

unblock this caller

If the contact doesn’t appear in the “Recents” section, head to the Contacts tab, choose the contact you wish to remove (use Search Bar to find the contact more quickly) and click to unblock this caller.


2. Unblock Contacts by using the Settings Menu

This is the ideal method to follow if you wish to get a glance of the contacts that are blocked within your iPhone.

  1. Launch your Settings app, then select Phone, and then choose blocked contacts. image-3
  1. Press Editin the upper-right-hand corner.image-4
  2. Tap the icon with minus just to the left of the contact that you want to block and then select unblockIt will allow you to remove these number(s) and take them from your list of contacts blocked. Press Do it for saving the changes.image-5

Addendum: Unmute Unknown Callers

iOS and iPadOS have the ability to automatically redirect calls coming from unregistered or unknown numbers to voicemail. Imagine this as the equivalent of a “soft block.” If you’re not receiving calls from numbers that you did not block then you’re probably using the “Silence Unknown Caller” feature is most likely active.

Navigate into the Settings Settings Telephone and select Silence unknown callers and turn off Silence Unknown Callers.


Unblock a Number on Android

If you have blocked an account on you Android device and wish to reverse the block there are several methods to do it.

1. Unblock a number in the Call Log

A blocked contact or number in the call log of your phone will display a crossed-out image, i.e., a circle that has a line running through it. To unlock the contact or number simply tap on it, tap unblock and then click the “Unblock” icon, then click Unblock once more at the prompt for confirmation.

If you prefer you can tap the displayed image that is crossed out or click on the 3 dots menu then select to unblock the numbers.


2. Unblock Contact or Number from the Settings Menu

If the blocked caller isn’t on your logs of calls, go over to the dialer’s setting menu to remove the caller.

  1. Start the Phone application, tap to reveal the 3-dot icon on the right-hand side of the screen, and then choose Settings.image-9
  1. Select Block numbers.
  2. ap the icon with the xicon to reveal the number which you would like to remove and click Unblock at the prompt.image-11

You must also turn out this “Block call from unidentified callers” option. It will allow you to block calls from calls that aren’t listed in your list of contacts.

3. Unblock Contacts and Numbers by using Google Contacts App. Google Contacts App

If the dialer app natively installed for your Android device doesn’t include an option to view the blocked contact list, it is possible to deblock numbers using your Contacts app.

  1. Launch Contacts, press to open the hamburger icon at the top left corner, and then choose Settings.image-12
  2. Navigate towards go to the “Manage contacts” section and choose blocked numbers.image-13
  3. Tap the icon near the number blocked. choose Unblock at the next prompt.image-14

4. Unblock Number/Contact in the Messages App

If you report an MMS or an MMS to be spammed, Android adds the number to its contact list that is blocked. Find out how to verify numbers blocked by the default messaging app and how to remove them:

  1. Start the Messages application, click the three-dot icon and then select Spam and block.image-15
  1. Select the conversation number or contact that you want to block and then click unblock at the bottom of the screen.image-17

Unblock Contacts Using Third-Party Apps

If you’ve blocked a person through third-party caller identification apps, you may not receive texts or calls from the individual, even if their number isn’t listed on your phone’s block list. You can check the contact information on the application, then browse your list of blocked numbers within the app’s settings menu , and remove the blocked number.


Better yet, you can make the phone application included with your device as the default phone app to use for calls.

Go into settings and then Apps and notification > Apps that are default and then the phone application and choose the default Android phone application.


Block and Unblock Numbers as Needed

It is important to note blocking and blocking numbers are device-specific actions. Moving the Sim card to a different one is a straightforward and easy method of unblocking a number.

The process of resetting the iPhone or Android smartphone to the factory default setting will also remove the contacts block list and allow you to block all numbers. However, this isn’t the most ideal solution–since you’ll lose your files as well as settings, it’s a legitimate method of unblocking contacts and we’re throwing it up for educational reasons.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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