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If you’re an avid user of PayPal chances are high that you’ve got some funds within the account of your PayPal account. It wouldn’t be much easier to use PayPal directly on Amazon directly?

Unfortunately, Amazon has never integrated PayPal into its payment system. This could be due to the fact that eBay is the owner of PayPal and is an immediate competitor. Perhaps it’s because Amazon prefers that people utilize its own payment service known as Amazon Pay rather than PayPal Pay.

Whatever the reasons, you aren’t able to pay directly to Amazon through PayPal. But, there are inventive ways to circumvent this problem.

How to use PayPal on Amazon

Even though you aren’t able to purchase something from Amazon through PayPal it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to make use of your PayPal funds to purchase things.

When you purchase gift cards from third-party vendors or credit cards as well as money transfers, you are able to continue to use PayPal through Amazon.

Make use of a PayPal Cash Card

One of the most effective methods to make use of PayPal for purchases on Amazon is to sign for a PayPal Cash Card.

It’s essentially an ordinary debit Mastercard which functions the same way as the other cards that you could utilize on Amazon. The benefit is that it’s different from the debit card you may have with your bank account to purchase things using the funds in the account you have in your bank.



To Amazon, it appears as if you’re using an ordinary debit card from a bank. But, when you make purchases with your PayPal account your money will be deposited directly from PayPal. PayPal account.

The advantages of using the PayPal debit Mastercard are:

  • No credit checks are required for the purchase of the card.
  • The money comes directly out of your PayPal account, without the need for any bank account needed
  • You receive a routing number and account number so that you can request that your employer deposits the check directly to your PayPal account
  • It can be used at any store that accepts Mastercard and not only on Amazon

You are able to enroll for a PayPal Cash Card at no cost and then get an Amazon debit Mastercard to begin doing Amazon purchases.

There’s one catch. If you apply for an account with a PayPal Cash card you’ll also need to sign up for an account with a PayPal Cash Plus account. There is no additional cost for this, however, you must prove your identity using PayPal with the following information:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Birthday
  • Taxpayer identification number

After you have been approved to have an account with PayPal Cash Plus account, it will be linked with the account you have on your Paypal personal account. This account will be utilized to fund all your card transactions.

You can add your PayPal Cash Card on Amazon

To include a PayPal Cash Card as a payment option on Amazon Sign in to Amazon and then hover your mouse over the Account and Lists within the navigation. Choose the Account you have created.

In the Shopping preferences and ordering box, choose the payment options.


On the page for payment options scroll down until you see Add a New Payment Method, and choose the option to add a card.


There will be fields where you can input the details of your card that you have on your Paypal Cash Card Then, you can select the option to add your card.


The Paypal Cash Card will appear in the Credit or debit card section. You’ll be able select PayPal Cash Card as a payment option. PayPal Cash Card as a payment option whenever you complete the Amazon purchase.

Make Use Of A PayPal Mastercard

In contrast to the PayPal Cash Card, however, the PayPal Mastercard is nothing less than a credit card. It is granted through Synchrony Bank and will require a credit test to be approved for one.


Similar to like the PayPal Cash Card, the PayPal Mastercard is accepted at any offline or online retailer that accepts PayPal and/or Mastercard.

There are two kinds of PayPal Mastercard:

  • PayPal Cashback MasterCard earns cash rewards of 2% every time you spend money on purchases that are eligible. Cash earned can be deposited into the account of your PayPal account.
  • PayPal Extras MasterCard Earn points whenever you make eligible purchases. You’ll be able to make use of them at certain merchants that are listed on the Rewards Program for PayPal Redeeming Servicing website.

You can apply to either Paypal Cashback Mastercard or the PayPal Extras MasterCard. The approval process is relatively quick when you have good credit.

Then why should you purchase a PayPal Mastercard instead of a PayPal Cash Card? There are additional advantages.

  • You can pay for your PayPal Mastercard balance through your PayPal account, or with any bank.
  • Credit will be earned as you use your card.
  • You’re not limited to the amount you have in the PayPal Cash Plus account.

The main benefit is that using PayPal Mastercard lets you use PayPal on Amazon even when Amazon doesn’t take PayPal transactions directly.

It’s also a risk because it could cost you more than you have on the account. PayPal balance, which is why you should proceed cautiously! Check to make sure PayPal credits are appropriate to you.

You can also add your account with a new PayPal Mastercard payment option on your Amazon account following the same method as described in the section that follows.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Another technique that people often use to purchase items on Amazon using the balance of their PayPal credit balances is buying Amazon gift cards from merchants online which accept PayPal transactions.

This is a good loophole, however, it requires the additional step of purchasing the gift cards. The good thing is that all gift card sellers listed below provide digital Amazon gift card codes that can be used immediately to make Amazon purchases.


Some of the digital Amazon gift card merchants who accept PayPal payments are:

  • Gift
  • The Card Closet
  • Card Bin Gift Card Bin
  • eBay

You can also purchase a Visa as well as a Mastercard gift card on using your PayPal account, and then use the card in order to purchase Amazon purchases. And if you want to purchase Audible audiobooks on Amazon or other retailers, you can purchase an Audible gift card through Paypal.

Transfer money to your bank account

While it may appear intuitive but one of the most straightforward methods to make use of PayPal through Amazon is to transfer the money to accounts that Amazon accepts.

You might think that it will take a long time to transfer funds via PayPal into your account at a bank. If you’re hoping to make it free that’s the case. The process isn’t easy and involves:

  • Connecting to your account at a bank (checking or savings)
  • I’m waiting for PayPal to transfer some funds to verify your account
  • You can wait up to 10 working days for the money to transfer from your PayPal account

No one would like to wait for 10 days for something from Amazon. But what if you were able to make it happen instantly?

You may, provided you’re willing to pay the cost. A fee for an instant balance transfer is 1percent of the amount you transfer in the amount up to 10 dollars. If you’re only making a transfer of $100, you’ll pay one dollar for the transfer in one click. If you’re using debit cards you don’t have to wait for verification of your account.

Here’s how. Log in to your PayPal account, then select Transfer Money.


On the next screen On the next page, choose the option to transfer money to your banking institutionOn this page, you will have two choices. You can pick either the traditional (free) transfer, which can take several days to complete, or you can choose the option to transfer immediately.

If you’re not linked to a debit card with the option to use it for free you can select the option to link a bank account or debit card.


Next, you can choose to link to a debit cardDo not select the bank account since it will require deposits for verification. When you arrive at the Link a Card page, complete the details of your debit card and click Link Card.

After your debit card has been linked, you will be able to return to the money transfer screen to perform an immediate payment of what is needed to complete an Amazon purchase. Go to Amazon and purchase the item you are looking for!

You can clearly see, that there are many ways to make use of PayPal through Amazon. Do you know of alternative solutions? Send your ideas to the comments below.

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