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Investing Profile Alex Ojjeh (1)

Anywhere was established by Alex Ojjeh, an American investor, entrepreneur, and businessman. He was a hedge fund investor up until very recently.

An early history. On January 31, 1987, Alex Ojjeh entered this world. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Although he had an older sibling, he was the firstborn. After beginning his career in risk management in 2007, Ojjeh shifted gears and became a corporate private investor in a wide variety of sectors, including but not limited to commercial real estate, asset management businesses, logistics, and more.

After Alex Ojjeh’s parole in 2014, he immediately began investing in foreign currency. He put up $700,000 to start AOAM, which now owns a bunch of companies and controls their assets.

To rephrase, Alex Ojjeh’s method of investing entails convincing wealthy individuals to relocate their funds from one country to another. Alex Ojjeh was able to do this by cultivating relationships with key individuals to ensure the highest possible investment with his firm. The businessman’s acquaintances with wealthy foreigners paved the way for his success. There was some speculation that he worked with wealthy Russians because the people and organizations he affected were so influential, but Ojjeh dismissed those rumors, saying, “Just 6 men on the same journey to wealth as everyone else.”

Sitting next to foreign wealthy businessmen at their wedding reception was where Ojjeh landed his biggest deals and learned the most valuable information. Or the government officials of the United Arab Emirates who he’d be eating pizza with on the boat. As a result, investigations were launched because Ojjeh’s investment strategy was often met with skepticism.

Alex Ojjeh would zero in on organizations with the best chance of becoming development targets. After the news of the deal went public, he’d make an investment in the company, and shares would quickly rise to the level of the acquisition price.

As long as all relevant details are already available to the public, such a transaction is perfectly legal. Ojjeh, however, used deception and special bribes to advance his own interests.

Alex Ojjeh reportedly made $80 million in 2017 after AOC Partners bought out two companies.

“Always take into account levels of concentration and resolve. When investing, never put money into something that’s going to fail. As told to Alex Ojjeh


Change in currency, progress


Miami, Nashville, and Memphis


Transportation, stockpiling, electronics, building materials, and the promotion of business growth and expansion

Capital INVESTMENT RANGE for Angel Founder/Operator

$10K – $250K



Investments Known to Have Been Made by Alex Ojjeh (12)
Funding Round Date Company Stage Amount Raised August 2019 Seed Round AO In April of 2019, a seed round raising $2.5M was completed as part of a $52.1M FSI financing. Orocobre Seed Round, Oct. 2017: $4M $17.3M. Careem’s Seed Round Raises $2 Million to $30 Million in March 2017. Three Million Sixteen Million Dollars Seventeen Point Six Million Dollars Anywhere in the World, in the Month of December 2016 for Seed Commerce
The K&H Bank Angel SeriesJune 2020 ANYWHERE Series. Check out these 12 investments totaling $70.775M and $15M.


Aug. 2016, $2.5M $52.1M SAP Seed Round

Apr 2019$4M $17.3M
Serie A MedHaul
Oct. 2018 Cowlar Seed Round Oct. 2021. $10K The Coinbase Series C Funding Round Raised $50M Jan 2015$75M $664.8M

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