Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Netflix is bringing 'Squid Game' to life with 'The Challenge' reality show

The streaming service revealed Tuesday that it will be producing a reality series called “Squid Game: The Challenge”, which will draw inspiration from “Squid Game“, the most-watched TV show of all time.

Netflix claims that the series will feature the largest cast and the highest lump-sum prize money: 456 contestants and $4.56million, respectively. It will include games inspired by the original series, as well as “surprising” new additions. Netflix assures that the competition will not be too similar to the original show in which unsuccessful contestants were killed.

The original “Squid Game”

The horror series featured impoverished and heavily indebted individuals being recruited to a series of children’s games, where life and death were the stakes. The only survivor would be awarded 45.6 billion Won, or roughly $35 million. The series featured games for children from South Korean culture. Contestants were challenged to create shapes with Algona candy using a needle, tug-of-war, and the squid game.

Many social media users immediately criticized Netflix’s announcement. They noted that Hwang Dong-hyuk’s original drama series is a sharp critique of capitalism and voyeurism.

Squid Games in real-life Hit Show – A chance to highlight Korean culture

The news release that announced the reality series was quick to mention that Hwang, the director of “Squid”, is joining the show.

Squid Game” took the world by storm thanks to Director Hwang’s compelling story and iconic imagery. “We’re grateful to his support as we transform the fictional world into reality in this massive competition, social experiment,” Brandon Riegg (VP of Netflix unscripted and documentary Series), said in the release.

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