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The use of widgets is among Android’s top productivity-enhancing capabilities. They provide you direct access to an app you’ve installed on your phone from the home screen. The Google Search bar is unquestionably one of the most popular widgets.

Any Android phone you buy will often include the Google Search bar widget right on the home screen. Here are a few steps to take if you unintentionally removed the Google Search bar from your smartphone’s home screen.

The best way to get the Google Search Bar Widget back

You may use the Google Search Bar widget on your home screen to conduct any kind of search on Google. It’s possible that you erased the widget by accident if the Google Search bar is absent. Follow the instructions below to restore the Google Search bar widget to your home screen.

  1. Navigate to the Android home screen.
  2. Tap and hold any available empty spot.
  3. Select Widgets from the menu at the bottom of your screen after your home screen is in edit mode.
  4. Continue to scroll through the list of widgets until you come across the Google Search box.
  5. Pick the Google Search widget for the search bar.

By doing this, you’ll get your home screen’s Google Search bar back. To move the widget around on your screen, simply drag & drop it into place.

How to Get the Google Search Bar Back in the Google App

It’s possible that you unintentionally erased the Google app from your phone if the Google Search bar is missing from both your home screen and the list of accessible widgets. The Google app on your smartphone needs to be reinstalled before you can bring back the Google Search bar in that situation.

Download the Google app from the Google Play Store by opening it. That should be over in a few minutes if you aren’t having any problems with Google Play right now.

You may access the Google Search bar widget on your home screen once you’ve reinstalled the Google app on your phone. The Google Search bar widget may be retrieved by going to Home Screen > Widgets > Google Search. The Google Search box should then reappear on your phone’s home screen.

Using Chrome, add the Google Search Bar

If you prefer the Google Chrome browser, you might want to switch from the built-in Google Search bar widget to the Chrome Search bar. The Chrome Search bar functions similarly, with the exception that it opens the browser and shows the search results in Google Chrome instantly after you conduct a search.

Make sure the Google Chrome browser is genuinely installed on your smartphone before you add the Chrome Search bar on your home screen. The Play Store is where you may download and install it if not.

The same procedures as for adding the Google Search bar to your smartphone’s home screen apply when adding the Chrome Search bar.

To access the edit mode from your home screen, tap and hold on any blank space. After that, choose Widgets and browse the list of available widgets until you find Google Chrome Search Bar. You can modify the widget’s size and placement once it has been added to your home screen.

How to Change the Google Search Widget

You can further alter your Google Search bar’s appearance using the Google app in addition to moving and resizing it. Here are a few aspects of this widget that you can modify.

Activate and deactivate the Google Doodles

On Google Search, you can play cute little games called “doodles.” They’re fantastic for passing the time while you’re between chores, but you can also find them irritating. The Google Search bar widget on your Android home screen will occasionally display doodles.

You can disable this setting in the Google app if you don’t want to see them. Go to More > Settings > General in the Google app on your smartphone. To enable or disable them, scroll down and choose Doodles on the Search widget.

Configurable Search Bar Widget

In the Google app, you can also modify the appearance of your Google Search bar widget and alter its color, share, and transparency. If you like, you can even alter the Google logo’s appearance. Open the Google app, then select More > Customize Widget to accomplish this.

In the same area of the Google app, you may reset your Google Search bar widget settings if you decide to return to the default appearance in the future. Select Reset to default style under Customize widget to accomplish that.

By doing this, you can undo any modifications you made to the Google Search bar widget and restore its original appearance.

Google Search Bar can be further customised with Nova Launcher.

You can utilise an Android Launcher to maximise the Google Search bar widget’s functionality. You can customize your smartphone with one of the many great Android Launchers available. You can download and install Nova Launcher, one of them, from the Play Store.

Open Nova Launcher and choose the search bar widget to customize the appearance of the Google Search bar. Choose Edit to change the widget’s size, color, logo style, and even the displayed content.

Final words:

Some users purposefully remove the Google Search widget from their home screen. Keep your home screen simple and uncluttered by removing anything you don’t use frequently or that you can do with the Google Chrome app in its place.

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