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Looking for a reliable source to gain insights on the 2022/2023 secondary school recruitment process? Look no further than Sgloballive Com Login, also known as seagloballive com. Our website is an exceptional resource for students seeking comprehensive information related to secondary school recruitment.

This year’s recruitment process will be entirely electronic, with candidates submitting their applications online. During the application process, candidates will be required to choose their preferred school and department. If a candidate finds that their initial preferences are not fitting, they can always change their preferences and submit a new application. Stay up-to-date on the latest recruitment news by visiting Sgloballive Com Login.

How to select the department and schools?

Looking to apply to schools in the system? Here’s what you need to know: The first step is to choose at least three schools you’d like to visit. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll need to create a list of preferences that includes the department in which you’d like to study at each selected school. There’s no limit to the number of departments you can select at each school, so feel free to choose as many as you like.

Remember, the order in which you rank your departments is important. The system will consider the branch you rank first in the merit list to be the most important to you, while the last on your list will be considered your least favorite. The order of your department preferences is free of the order of the schools you selected earlier.

You must choose at least three schools in order of preference, with your dream school at the top of the list, followed by your rational choice, and finally your least favorite. Keep in mind that you can select as many branches as you’d like, as ten or twelve items on your preference list may not be sufficient.

Assembling your list of preferences is a critical and autonomous decision that cannot be changed by the system or any third party. Make sure you take the time to carefully consider your choices and submit your application with confidence.

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Overview Of Sgloballive Com Login

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Submission of application along with documents

Looking to apply to schools in the Silesian voivodeship? Here’s what you need to know: The deadline for submitting your application and documents to the school of your first choice is June 20th, 2023. Keep in mind that this application should only be submitted to your first-choice school, as this is where your application will be examined for compliance with the data in the system.

For candidates interested in bilingual or sports classes, there’s an earlier deadline to keep in mind. If you’ve indicated a preference for a bilingual, sports, or sports championship division on your preference list, you’ll need to apply by May 30th to your first-choice school. Along with your application, you’ll need to submit an application for language qualification and attend a test or physical fitness test on a date specified by the school.

For more detailed information on schools in the Silesian voivodeship, be sure to check out our recruitment guide on Sgloballive Com. Stay informed and submit your application with confidence.

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Supplementing the application with a document of the certificate

If you’re applying to schools in Silesian voivodeship, be sure to pay attention to these important dates. Between June 24th and July 13th at 3:00 p.m., candidates must supplement their application by submitting a copy of their 8th-grade exam result certificate and a copy of their school leaving certificate.

During this process, candidates must enter their grades and achievements in the recruitment system, based on the entries on their certificate. They should also submit copies of their certificates to the school of their first choice.

On July 20th, a list of eligible and non-eligible candidates will be published. If you’ve been accepted to a school, you’ll need to confirm your willingness to start your education by submitting your original school leaving certificate and 8th-grade exam result certificate to the school, along with a medical certificate confirming your fitness for practical vocational training if required.

The list of admitted students will be published on July 29th. Keep in mind that popular schools may fill up quickly during the initial round of applications, so make sure to complete your application before the supplementary deadline from August 1st to August 3rd. Stay organized and don’t miss these important dates!


Looking to achieve your educational goals and secure a spot at your dream school? Look no further than Sgloballive Com. This platform offers candidates the opportunity to select as many preferred schools as they desire, increasing their chances of success.

If the initial recruitment process is not successful, don’t worry! There is an option for supplementary recruitment, giving candidates another chance to get into their desired schools. With the help of Sgloballive Com, students can take control of their education and pursue their dreams.

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