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The Best Online Auction Sites Besides eBay

If you’re looking to clear out the clutter that is cluttering your home or searching for something difficult to find Many turns to eBay. It’s the largest and most well-known auction site available.

It’s true that eBay can be a risky most effective option. If you’re not happy with eBay’s lack of customer support or fear being a victim of one of the many buyer and scams that target sellers that are out there, there are plenty of alternatives you can make use of. Here are the top auction sites online which specialize in various kinds of items that you can test.


Etsy is an auction site that functions as an online marketplace for arts and crafts. This includes art, jewelry home products, household items as well as other items. There are even things such as artsy Google Docs resume templates on Etsy.


Beginning using Etsy is straightforward. as a seller it is easy to create your own unique username and choose an online store that you will use to market your items. Each listing on Etsy costs $0.20. Apart from that, you are able to determine your own prices for your items. As a buyer, all you need to have to provide is your email as well as a password to register an account on Etsy to begin buying.

Etsy has been in existence for more than a decade and millions of buyers and sellers have used the platform and are familiar with it. If you’re interested in purchasing craft items and selling the items you make items, Etsy is the best platform. Etsy can also be a fantastic platform to sell your images on the internet.

The best option for Products made by hand and all things old-fashioned



If you’re into art and crafts, be sure to visit Sotheby’s. In contrast to Etsy, Sotheby’s is targeted more at people who wish to buy or sell antiques as well as collectibles and luxury objects. On Sotheby’s, you are able to purchase and sell items across diverse categories, including jewelry, antiques, and various art pieces as well as wine.

As with eBay, Sotheby’s also offers many items that are sold at a listed price. Sotheby’s also offers finance when you require it. In order to begin your journey with Sotheby’s as either a buyer or seller, you must create an account. As a seller, you’ll also need a thorough description of the object, photos, the exact dimensions, as well as any documents that you must provide to demonstrate how you obtained the item.



Copart can be described as an online auction site for cars that operates across 11 countries within Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America. Copart is gaining popularity due to the fact that anyone, from individuals to dealers, and businesses can purchase and sell cars and auto parts on Copart’s platform. It also has used cars, salvage vehicles, wholesale trucks, boat ATVs, SUVs, and other vehicles on Copart.

While browsing ads, you’ll discover pictures and descriptions that help you evaluate the condition of each vehicle. After you’ve selected the vehicle you’d like to purchase and you’re ready to bid on it, even without an official dealer’s license. The entire process can be completed on the internet. Copart offers a calculator that is able to figure the cost of shipping.

To begin using Copart To begin, you must join the website and choose among the three levels which are Guest, Basic, and Premier. Guest is the cheapest tier however it only lets you browse through the listings and create watchlists. Basic and Premier give the ability to buy and bid and start at $59 for the year.


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Liquidation is an auction site offering things from different categories, such as jewelry, clothes, accessories tools, homeware, and more. It’s distinct from other auction websites, in that it doesn’t provide items by people, but rather offers items from manufacturers with an overstocked inventory. This means that you’re able to sign up on Liquidation to buy not as a seller.

There are both older and new items on Liquidation. Pay careful attention to the condition of the item prior to making a purchase. A liquidation is an excellent option to purchasing discounted computer parts or computers in addition to consumer electronic items. It’s also among the few places where you can locate products that are no longer accessible through other sources and manufacturers.

If you’re interested in buying real estate on the internet, is the best location for it. is a site that is available across the U.S. and offers foreclosed short-sale and bank-owned properties. You can buy a house and close the deal in just five weeks, which is a remarkable speed for auctions in real estate that typically take a long time.

The properties listed on provide detailed descriptions and photos of the exterior as well as the inside (if the property is empty and is not being used). The auctions are sold “as is which means you need to do your own research prior to making an offer. If you are in need of financing, you must make sure you have it in place prior to making a bid, because closing can occur very fast.



If you’re in search of an eBay alternative that is similar in comparison to eBay, consider giving the Mercari platform a go. It’s a simple auction site that’s comparable to eBay in several ways. Mercari has roughly the same number of product categories that eBay does.

Mercari is known as an easy-to-use “selling app”. There are thousands of new items available on the website every day, which means you can purchase and trade virtually anything on the Mercari site. The only thing you have to do to get going is to establish accounts on either the website or download the mobile app.

Ideal option for used items and getting the best price on everything

How to Find the Most Value in an Online Auction

Shopping on auction websites online is fun when you are aware of the right way to go about it. But finding the best price can be time-consuming and even frustrating. This is easy through price comparison websites. They can be used to keep track of the prices of your products prior to placing bids on the internet.

Do you browse online auction sites? What’s your top eBay alternative? Tell us about your experience on the internet in the comments below.


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