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Top 5 Related Content Plugins for WordPress

Plug-ins are a standard feature of popular software programs employed today, WordPress is no different. In fact, the website has nearly 45,000 plug-ins that have been downloaded 1.3 billion times!

For those who aren’t familiar with plugins, they’re like apps that you can use for mobile phones which allow you to install various plug-ins on your WordPress blog to provide it with an additional function.

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Remember that, from its humble beginnings all the way to the present “app” growth that we see in the present, WordPress supports and encourages (customizable) plugins which are advantageous for various reasons, such as:

  • Third-party developers have the chance to apply their talents to extend and enhance WordPress capabilities.
  • Include new features.
  • Make sure that the source code is isolated and manageable as you go without compromising licensing-related concerns.

A very well-known kind of WordPress plugin is “related content plug-ins”.

For WordPress bloggers, specifically, the appropriate plugin will enhance your search engine optimization (e.g. SEO, organic search) to increase specific page views and boost your standing as an expert in the area you are working in.

What the related content plugin lets you do is allow other pages that are related to your website to appear at the end of your blog entries. This will allow the reader to browse more content on your site, spend more time on your site, and is more likely to take a step such as joining your mailing list or buying any of the goods or services.

Let’s take a glance at some of WordPress’s most well-known related content plugins to WordPress.

A Different Related Post Plugin (YARPP)

The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) was among the very first and is still among the top well-known WordPress plug-ins. It was created by Jeff Parker several years ago It is now available in two (2) versions: YARPP Basic and YARPP Pro.

Basic features of YARPP Basic are:

  • Thumbnail view of the related content and RSS feeds.
  • Related pages, posts, or a custom type of post.
  • A system for templating that allows you to choose how your results are presented.
  • Utilizing an advanced algorithm that takes into tags, post title, category, and categories. YARPP locates related content on your website.
  • Customized options for display.

cost: Free

The minimum plugin requirements are PHP 5. MySQL 4.1 (or greater) as well as WordPress 3.3 or higher

It is monetizable. It is possible, but only with The YARPP Professional

In the case of related content plugins, you cannot be wrong with YARPP.


JetPack provides a variety of options that connect to the latest connected content plugins: More traffic to your website as well as detailed stats views improving the speed of your website and securing your site from hackers.

Furthermore, its prominent characteristics are:

  • Analysis of traffic.
  • Optimized image performance via’s Content Delivery Network.
  • Centralized management of plugins through’s dashboard.
  • Special features include Custom CSS contact forms, notifications, Subscriptions Configurable Widgets, and many more.

JetPack requires a account as a number of its features utilize using the cloud. JetPack’s JetPack engineering team offers assistance with technical issues in the event of a need.


The minimum requirements for a plugin are:WordPress 4.4 or greater to the latest version (v4.0.2)

Monetizable: No

One of the benefits when using the JetPack plugin is the fact that it’s integrated into WordPress and doesn’t consume any additional resources that could slow down your site.

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Pages (CRP) can be described as a highly rated WordPress plugin (4.8 out of five stars as of this writing) that has earned its reputation for its strong support for thumbnails, shortcodes, and widgets as well as custom post types as well as CSS styles.

Here are a few benefits you can get when you make an agreement to CRP

  • Automation CRP begins to display relevant content to your WordPress website and automatically feeds it once you have activated the plugin without having to modify templates. Include related posts in widgetized areas within your theme.
  • The algorithm that helps you locate related posts by their title or content of the current post. A list of related posts lets you include pages, post attachments, or any other type of custom post!
  • Styles This output can be wrapped with CSS classes, which allows users to easily modify the output list. You can add your own custom CSS styles within the WordPress administration area, or utilize the style that is that comes with the.
  • Extension-able code CRP includes a myriad of actions and filters that let developers quickly add new features and modify outputs, etc.

cost: Free

The minimum requirements for a plugin are: WordPress 3.5 or greater

Monetizable: No


OutBrain (Outbrain Engage) is a premium site plug-in that is slowly climbing the ladder of popularity within the WordPress community. With its recommendation system for content, users can get personalized hyperlinks that are most relevant to the content they want to see.

Similar to other similar content plugins, OutBrain creates thumbnails of images (as text-based suggestions) which also direct readers to subjects that interest readers the greatest.’s pragmatic approach to similar content offers native revenue options that are suitable for WordPress bloggers. OutBrain is an outbound monetization tool that OutBrain widget is designed to enhance the design of traffic shaping, and adaptability and improve the user experience when it’s needed.

The idea behind this is to display related content from other websites. You receive a fee when users click on the relevant content articles.

Price: Free

The minimum requirements for a plugin are:WordPress 4.0 or greater

Monetizable: Yes

Related Posts Slider

Related Post Slider (RPS) is a lighter version that is a lighter version Related Posts plugins that when installed and activated, can be used in any WordPress blog article.

It has a slider function that readers (or prospective customers) are being introduced to via the most recent blogs. Its most important features are:

  • Carousel horizontal or news style formats.
  • CSS customizable feature from the settings panel; themes that are present.
  • It works integrates with Related Post, WordPress Related Posts plugin, as well as YARPP plugins (see above).
  • Widget option available.

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