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President Donald Trump is using social media like no other president has before to promote his agenda. Trump posted the video “Trump vs. Clinton: The Truth” on his Twitter account on Monday. It was made by Right Wing News, a pro-Trump news site that often shares content from the President’s Twitter account. Trump is heard on the video saying that he would be happy with the results of the presidential election even if he loses, but not if he wins.

“Donald Trump is tweeting a video called “Trump vs. Clinton: The Truth in Trump’s tweet-up,” another attack on Hillary Clinton.

The video was posted on Saturday by Right Wing News. It’s called “Trump and Clinton: The Truth.” It starts with a video of Trump saying he’d like to see Clinton behind bars. It then shows clips from Clinton’s previous political career, including one where she said that most Trump supporters are racist or unfair.

The video cuts to a picture of the president’s face on top of a picture of Clinton in prison clothes (which is as scary as it is).

At the end of the whole video, a voice says that this election will decide whether the next generation lives in freedom or under the rule of law.

“The video was made by Right Wing News, a pro-Trump news source that often posts to the President’s Twitter account.”

The video was made for Right Wing News, which is a news site for Trump supporters that regularly posts on President Trump’s Twitter account.

The president has often used the internet to spread the word about his plans and get people to agree with them.

This is especially true after his inauguration in January 2017, when he started posting short videos on Twitter showing him signing executive orders and other documents related to healthcare reform and immigration reform (which was later made law).

“The video shows clips of Trump saying that he would accept the election results if he lost, but not if he won.”

In the video, Trump is heard saying that he’s ready to accept the results of the election even if he loses, but not if he wins.

Trump has sent a string of tweets about the current election: “I’m fine with the way this historic, historic, and important presidential election turned out.” (June 16, 2016)
“I wouldn’t mind at all if I won. (August 8.)

“The video ends with Trump saying that he wants to be different and telling people how they can help his campaign for president.”

There are many ways to get involved in the Trump election if you want to.
You can give money to him or even join the team.
If you want to give money but don’t know how much will fit into your budget, you can use a tool on Trump’s website to estimate how much it will cost you each month if he’s elected president (he’s in the 41st percentile right now).
Volunteers can be a big help, too. And they are useful for more than just voting. Helping by canvassing or phone banking can help spread the message of the importance of change.

President Trump is using social media to get the word out about his plans.

Social media is an excellent method to communicate your message to a broad population.

The Twitter account of President Trump with the handle @realDonaldTrump is followed by more than 24 million people.

Trump sends out tweets all day long about things like health care and immigration. He is always putting himself in the spotlight and pushing his own ideas. This can lead to arguments when he tweets about things like gender or race, or when he uses bad language, like when he said, “I like people who weren’t captured,” making fun of John McCain for being captured in Vietnam.


RSS0_ Since the beginning of May, Trump has used Twitter to send his messages to people who follow him. He did it again with his most recent video.

Trump has used social media platforms before to spread his message or attack his opponents. He has also used Facebook and Instagram, among other sites.

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