Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Vanessa Jr face abuses

Another week is another example of racism in La Liga. In addition to this matchday, there are two events (which we know about). The first incident occurred during the weekend match between Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla, in which Nico Williams was racially abused by fans. And now, Vanessa Jr. has been racially abused by Mallorca fans.

The incident took place at halftime. As Venice headed back to the tunnel, Mallorca fans at Iberostar Stadium started chanting racist slogans against the player.

Winnie Jr. has been racially abused twice this season (again, as far as we know). The first incident took place against Barcelona in El Crisco, which is considered to be the biggest stage of football in La Liga. And what was La Liga’s reaction? Nothing but a letter in which there was no discipline or accountability for the club and its fans. Winnie himself, however, called for “severe punishment“. And if we are not focusing on the victims, then what are we doing here?

Always allowing a play to speak, Wayne Jr. lit Barcelona up on the pitch and signaled to the audience that he had heard them and would not let his racism get in the way. Against Mallorca, he was just as brilliant, scoring a forward goal and dancing in front of the crowd that had racially abused him a few minutes earlier. Then, he went ahead and won the penalty to make it 2-0. La Liga has shown that it will do the least to stop racism.

Vinicius Jr. has been hanged by referees and the league for drying up in the face of horrific tackles and racist abuse. We saw the same scenes that were played on the pitch in the case of rough fouls against Villarreal, with the same cowardly referee, Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez, doing nothing to stop the bloodshed. Winnie was not injured in any of the games, but his teammate Rodrigo Goz, another Brazilian winger, did in the recent match against Mallorca.

Instead, Wayne, by the way, got a yellow card for going crazy when he was the recipient of a challenging red card without punishment. According to Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez’s calls, perhaps she needs a clear bias test to claim racism because that too is ridiculous.

La Liga is a joke. We all know this. The league does not care about the safety of the players, and their silence against racism is making cowardice better. These clowns will make fun of the European Super League and get all the high and mighty about ruining the football of rich people, while they themselves are very rich people who are ruining football. They are not the “good guys” of Florentine Perez’s villain. If Perez is a villain, then Xavier Tubas and his thugs are villains with a portion of Perez’s mental capacity. At least Perez banned Real Madrid’s racist Ultras. What have Tubas ever done? What has RFEF ever done? See how they treat women’s soccer in Spain too.

Silence is not good enough. The letters are not good enough. Mouctar Diakhaby’s gaslighting last season? Who can forget it? La Liga is deliberately failing black players. They do not care. They don’t even try.I am tired. We are tired I can’t imagine how you would feel if you were black and reading this. Many of us who watch Real Madrid and love this club has been racially abused in our own lives and have noticed that there are very few protection systems for non-white athletes. How much does he think What message does La Liga send to the world when they allow one of their most visible superstars and one of their most important players to be the victim of racist abuse in E1 Mallorca? This shows that La Liga

does not care about racism.

If you are a junior, you are treated like a scumbag. And so, if you are someone else in the game who is black, you will get the same treatment and no protection. The league is not ready to take a stand for a superstar, and it is not ready to take care of any other player, any young player, or any fan. Regardless of who you are, if you are not white, La Liga doesn’t care about you, except to take advantage of you, because they make funny advertisements about the death of football due to piracy. Are

But football is already dead. Because these ghosts have already killed him. With their racism, their prejudice, their incompetence, their greed. Football is on life support in this game because of the great players, fans, and other people who make it worth watching. The La Liga, the UEFA the RFEF, FIFA, and the rest of the corrupt governing bodies continue to suck his blood for their own benefit – the blood that we circulate with pleasure.

One of the little things we want to do is end racism. Yet our cries fall on the ears of those who can hear us well. They don’t just give a damn.

Please do something this time. We are begging you when we should not beg. Because it’s not just about Real Madrid superstar Vanessa Jr. It’s about Mouctar Diakhaby, Nico Williams, young players Peter Federico, Carlos Akapo, and every other player who suffers from it. We need the league to take a stand against fans, players (including Acapu’s teammate Juan Kala) who commit racist acts. Restrictions should be imposed. Penalties, including collective punishments. We need a big change.

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