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What is Facebook Watch and How to Use It featured

Today, there are many on-demand streaming video services. There are many options for cable, including Hulu, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. It’s getting difficult to choose one. Facebook Watch is a streaming platform that Facebook users can use.

Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand free service that Facebook users can use to stream premium content and share their videos with the community. Facebook Watch allows you to host virtual parties with your Facebook friends.

Learn how to use Facebook Watch, and how you can get the most from this service.

What is Facebook Watch?

*Facebook Watch Interface Facebook Watch is a streaming platform that integrates with Facebook Messenger and Marketplace. Although it is not available in your News Feed directly, you can still access it via the main Facebook website.

Facebook Watch is completely free and available both on the Facebook mobile app as well as the Facebook website. Facebook Watch doesn’t have a lot of content from the network. Facebook Watch will feature a mix of user-generated content and professional content, such as original dramas and comedy series, and fiction works.


The only downside to the free service is a large number of advertisements. You will have to watch a few commercials if the creator of the video is making money from it.

Facebook Watch: How to Use It

Facebook Watch only requires that you have a Facebook account in order to use it. All content from Facebook Watch can be accessed via the main Facebook site.

Follow these steps to stream content on Facebook Watch.

  1. Sign in to your account by opening Facebook on your mobile or desktop.facebook-watch-icon
  2. You can use Facebook on your desktop by selecting Watch from the menu at the top of the screen.mobile_facebook-watch
  3. You can use the Facebook app on your phone to access the menu. Next, click on the three horizontal lines and select Videos on Watch.
  4. Choose a video or show that you would like to see.

How to Search For Content on Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is structured like YouTube. Instead of channels, there are many content creators with their own pages and videos on Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch has its own Originals and Series. Each one will have a page that includes the description, ratings, and episodes.

This is how to navigate Facebook Watch and locate the content you want to stream.

Use the Search Bar


Searching the search bar is the best way to locate a video on Facebook Watch. It is located in the upper-left corner of the Facebook Watch main page. You can search for a specific video or show a name in the search bar to see if it is on Facebook Watch.

Check out Facebook Watch Top Picks

You don’t need to know the name of the show or video you are looking for, so you can scroll through the Facebook Watch Top ChoicesThese videos are selected by Facebook based upon your interests, hobbies, videos that you have viewed on Facebook in the past, and your location.

Use Facebook Watch Menu


You can search for the type of video content that you are looking for using the Facebook Watch menu. You can choose to search for Shows or Live sports games in the upper-left corner.



A section with Gaming videos can be found on Facebook Watch. It is similar to streaming on Twitch and YouTube gaming. Select Gaming in the Facebook menu at the top of the screen to find live streams or prerecorded games. You can then join one of the streams or browse other videos by streamers.

Your Watchlist

Facebook Watch allows users to save their favorite video content to their Watchlist so they can easily access them later. You’ll notice that all pages you have followed are already listed in your Watchlist when you first select it. You can remove or add them to your Watchlist at any time.


To add a video to your Watchlist, choose Follow and Save from the video’s page. You can then quickly access the video by going to your Saved videos or Latest videos list.

How to host a Facebook Watch Party

A Facebook Watch party is a great way to share your favorite videos with your friends even if you aren’t there physically. Facebook Watch party allows you to sync and view your videos simultaneously, as well as discuss it in real-time using the Facebook Watch Party chat.


A Facebook Watch party can be started from your timeline. It can also be created in a group you are a member of or on a page you manage. Follow the Create post > Watch PartyAdd videos to the queue, and you are ready to go.

Facebook Watch allows you to upload your own videos

Anyone can upload videos to Facebook. You will need to upload your videos to Facebook using a Facebook page and not your personal account.

You can’t guarantee that your videos will show up on Facebook Watch, even if they are posted from a Facebook page. You can only make sure that your content is professional and conveys a message to the audience. Also, you should be consistent in your content production. Your Facebook Watch page will gain more followers if you post more videos.

Facebook is the new YouTube

Although Facebook Watch may seem like a mixed bag it is worth checking out, as the service is completely free. These streaming services make great alternatives to YouTube if you aren’t keen to spend more time on Facebook or don’t want to.

Do you remember using Facebook Watch? What do you think of Facebook Watch? Comment below to share your Facebook Watch experience.

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