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WhatsApp how you can recover deleted messages of WhatsApp on your cell phone; see how

Users who use Whatsapp frequently delete messages that they should not. In these cases, they might think they’ve lost all the messages however there is a chance to retrieve them. But, you need to have a backup copy of the message stored on your phone.

First, you will need to enter Whatsapp and go to the device settings/adjustments. After that then click to open the “Conversations” tab and then select “Backup Conversations”. The screen will display when was the last time your phone saved your data.

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Once you’ve confirmed that the message you wish to retrieve is stored in the backup that you last made then uninstall and then install WhatsApp again. After completing the steps of entering the codes and number for authentication are completed, and then click the “restore the backup. “restore backup” option. Once you do that, your messages and files will be displayed again.

In this regard, you should know how to retrieve deleted messages from WhatsApp:

How to stop automatic backup

  1. Open your Whatsapp app and navigate to three dots in the upper-right corner.
  2. select the  “Settings” and look for the option “Conversations”;
  3. On this page, you can tap “Chat backup”. In the section “Backup to Google Drive,” you’ll be able to choose whether you wish to create an archived backup every day each week, every month, or only when you click to “Back Up”. If you select the latter option, you’ll need to follow the steps again and go to this menu each time you need to update the backup.

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 iOS users

  1. In Messenger, you can go through”Settings. “Settings” option;
  2. Find”Conversations.” Click on the “Conversations” option;
  3. After that, open the option “Chat Backup”
  4. The choices “Back Up Now” and “Auto Backup” will appear.

Inside “Auto Backup” you can select whether your data are backed up each day, every week, and once per month or none of these options (ie with no auto-backup).

A brand new WhatsApp feature

Meta, the company responsible for Whatsapprecently has released to the general public a feature that lets you respond to messages using emoticons.

The new feature is being introduced gradually, which means it will be a few days before everyone gains access. To summarize, before the introduction of this new feature, a period of testing was required with those beta versions of Android and iOS over seven months.

As you can see, the app is operated in a straightforward method, much like the functions similar to the features of Instagram or Messenger. Simply hold for a few seconds the message you wish to respond to, then select one of the emojis that are available.

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