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Who Exactly Is Nichol Kessinger, And Where Can We Find Her At The Moment?

On the American version of “Murder Next Door,” Chris Watts’s girlfriend is still the subject of a probe. In the year 2023, everyone is curious about Chris Watt’s whereabouts with his girlfriend, Nichol Kessinger. Current details on Kessinger’s predicament are detailed below.

The horrific events that took place in Chris Watts’s life and the lives of his family members are described in the documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door. This whole ordeal began in 2018 when his wife and daughter disappeared from the house they had shared.

In addition to Shannan, who had recently returned from a business trip, being discovered deceased, Bella, age 4, and Celeste, age 3, were reported missing. Before he was convicted guilty of all three murders and given a life sentence, Chris enjoyed much sympathy.

His romance with Nichol Kessinger was only uncovered years later. He is seen to be good friends with Kessinger throughout the film.

It was his daughter and wife, yet he was prepared to commit the terrible act of murder in order to start a new life with his fiancee.

Where Is Chris Watts’s Girlfriend Nichol Kessinger Now?

Nichol Kessinger, who is reportedly in a relationship with Chris Watts, is looking to start a new chapter in her life. It’s assumed that Kessinger, a Colorado native who’ll soon turn 30, has already departed the state.

After Watts was convicted of murdering his wife and two kids, she has taken on a new persona. Since Kessinger started her new job, she has avoided the spotlight. Ever since her affair with Watts was exposed, she has tried to stay out of the spotlight.nichol kessinger (1)

Working together at the same oil company is where Kessinger and Watt first met each other. Chris initially stated that he was willing to file for divorce from his current spouse in order to be with her. Later, Watts said he killed his parents and siblings to be with her. Nichol’s knowledge of the scheme was not reasonably suspectable by law enforcement.

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Is Nichol Kessinger No Longer Using That Name? What’s Really Going on, Despite What You Heard

A new beginning has inspired Nichol Kessinger to create a new identity, complete with a new name. Among these options is rebranding herself. She apparently filed paperwork in Jefferson County, Colorado, to legally change her name in the year 2020, as reported by DailyMail.

Since the murder she was involved in two years ago, she has stayed out of the public eye. While in prison, Kessinger had been writing to Watts under an alias, and Watts let his pen pal know about it. When we last left Kessinger, he was writing to Watts.

Kessinger stated that the reason she wanted to change her name was that she felt it would be difficult to go public using her current name.

He claims that they kept in touch while both were incarcerated in Wisconsin at the Dodge Correctional Institution, though she used a different pen name each time.


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He continued by saying that this was one of the consequences he faced as a result of the authorities finding out and forbidding him to have any contact with her.

Exploring the Kessinger Household through Nichol’s Eyes

The family of Nichol Kessinger has opted to maintain anonymity throughout her ordeal. There has been no coverage of them in the media.

She is currently in the process of reinventing herself in a new environment, with a new line of work, and a new name.

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