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Facebook is now among the top and most popular social media websites and has currently the highest number of users. The main reason people use Facebook is the ability to add friends to follow you and read what you write and vice versa. You may be in a scenario where you attempt to add someone however, the option to do this has disappeared.

There are a variety of reasons why you aren’t able to add someone to Facebook but it’s not a guarantee that they have blocked you. If you’re wondering about what one of these reasons might be, check out the list below to figure out the reason why it’s taking place for you.

1. Their Privacy Settings

The most common reason why you won’t be unable to join an individual on Facebook is that they have altered the private settings. There are a variety of choices in Facebook’s privacy settings that may not allow you to add people. If they have their privacy setting for Friend Requests setting set at “Friends of Friends,” and you don’t have any common friends, you likely will not be in a position to send them an invitation.


If you’re still looking to contact them then you can send them a message and ask them to forward an inquiry to you. But be aware that as you’re not friends your message will appear on the individual’s message requests page. This means it could take an extended time before they get to see your message.

2. The Account Is Deactivated

It is also possible that you won’t be permitted to add someone if the account is deactivated. If this happens typically, their account will remain in existence in some way until they have completely removed it. However, nobody can contact them for friend requests until their account has been deactivated.


If someone chooses to sign into Facebook after deactivating the account, it will be displayed in the future. It is also possible to use Messenger even though their account has been removed, so if they would like to send messages to them it is possible to do so.

3. You Have Been Blocked

On Facebook users can restrict an individual who is not a friend from seeing their profile or engaging or interacting with them in any manner. Apart from not being able to access your profile’s page, you aren’t able to view their photos, posts, or comments, and you won’t be able to send messages to them. You can determine whether someone has blocked you by attempting to contact them. If you’re unable to contact them in any way then you’ve probably been blocked.

4. You Blocked Them

If you’ve tried to connect someone to your account but you aren’t able to log in to their profile, then you may want to check whether this is because you’ve removed them. If it’s been a long time since you’ve blocked them, it’s possible that you didn’t remember.


You can see who you’ve blocked, as Facebook maintains a list of blocked users. To check this list you need to go to Settings and PrivacySettingsBlockingYou will find a list of those who you’ve blocked. you can verify who you’re looking to add is there. To deblock them, click”Unblock” on the unblock button that is next to their name.

5. They Have Reached Their Friend Limit

There is a limit to the number of Facebook friends you can connect with on Facebook. If someone has crossed this limit of 5000 friends, then you won’t be in a position to make a friend request. If you attempt to do so, Facebook should notify you that the user has reached the limit of 5000 friends.

If someone who’s over the limit, sends you a request to be a friend, however, you won’t be allowed to add them in this method. If you attempt to take the invitation, Facebook will not add them to your friend’s list or add you to theirs. But, you can continue to message anyone with at least 5000 friends.

6. You Already Sent a Request

You might want to verify if you’ve made an offer to someone else since it will be impossible to add them until they’ve accepted your request. If it’s been some time since you’ve made the request but they aren’t adding you, it’s easy to overlook it.

If you’d like to remind someone that you’ve made an inquiry or ask to join them on their list, you’ll be in a position to send them an email. They may have forgotten about the request, or it was lost in the shuffle of other requests from friends that the individual has received.

7. They Denied Your Request

The other possibility is that they rejected your request previously. If you’ve already submitted an invitation and aren’t sure what the reason is for not seeing the Add Friend button the most likely explanation is that they have denied the request of a friend. It is possible to try sending a second request if you want to, however, so long as you can see that the button to add friends appears visible.

Additionally, if they’ve requested to be a friend before and you rejected it, and you are looking to add them to your list but you aren’t able to click the Add Friend button if they’ve set specific privacy settings. They’ll need to send you a request for a friend a second time.

8. Facebook Restricted Their Account

In some cases, if a user is reported to Facebook repeatedly or identified as violating Facebook’s guidelines Facebook guidelines, they’ll limit the account of the user for a specific time. The length of time can range from a couple of hours to several weeks. During this period the person cannot be permitted to perform certain tasks.

That could explain why you’re in a position to not add someone. Try waiting some time and then return to see if it’s possible to add them later. Sometimes Facebook can also limit a user’s access to Messenger and you might not be able to reach them via Messenger as well.

Adding Friends on Facebook


One of the primary reasons to join Facebook is the ability to interact with other people It can be a bit painful when you have issues with doing this. If you’re experiencing this issue, occurs with every person you try to add or you’re experiencing issues in adding people but aren’t able to determine the reason it’s possible to call Facebook support assistance to determine if something else going on.

Hope you can find the answer in one of these explanations and keep interacting with the people you know and use this social network.

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